Audio books to improve spoken english

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audio books to improve spoken english

Spoken English Course (4 Books + Pocket Book + Audio CD) (English - Hindi for Hindi Speaking People) by Anil Bapna

Are you facing any of these problems:

1. Are you afraid of speaking English in public?

2. Are you struggling to learn English, and find it difficult to remember and recall the information?

3. Do you want to learn to speak English fluently?

4. Did you miss any job opportunity because you could not converse in English in interview and group discussion?

5. Do you want to learn English but are delaying because of hesitation?

6. Do you hesitate to order a cup of coffee in a coffee shop or order a burger at McDonalds shop?

7. You know the subject but you cannot explain properly to your seniors or colleague.

If your answer is yes to one or all of the questions, please order our Spoken English Course (3 Books + Pocket Book + CD).

What You Get

It is divided into 4 Books + CD:

1. Foundation Spoken English WORKBOOK. Pages 71

2. Book: Spoken English Practice. Pages 42
3. Audio CD. 20 tracks
4. Book: Common verbs for Better English. Pages 35
5. Pocket Book: Useful Vocabulary. Pages 43
6. Book: Improve your memory (Hindi). Pages 51.
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Published 19.01.2019

(Full Audiobook) This Book Will Change Everything! (Amazing!)

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Cancel anytime. In this cutting-edge program, 30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary , personal development expert and English enthusiast Dan Strutzel will instruct, enlighten, and inspire you with a concentrated day program that will teach you over words. But, more than teaching you these words, the uniquely designed morning and evening review sessions will ensure that these words become a habit-knit part of your life - and with minimal effort on your part. After years of teaching intermediate students who never seemed to improve, I decided to find out what the problem was. Essentially, intermediate students get stuck because learning at this stage is a different type of learning than at the beginner stage. You have mastered the grammar and the basic vocabulary, but most textbooks just carry on like nothing has changed. However, what you need at the intermediate stage is not just more dry grammar and lists of vocabulary.

Use recordings of native English speakers reading books to improve your Audiobooks make it possible to listen to someone reading a book while you do.
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Choosing the Best Audiobooks for You

These include podcasts, television and radio. Another resource that has become increasingly popular in recent years is audio books. See our list of recommended free audio books for English learners below. Listening comprehension is often the hardest skill for language learners. While speaking, reading and writing are generally fine, listening can still cause problems. How else do you learn your maternal language if not through listening?

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