Jean lamarck theory of evolution

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jean lamarck theory of evolution

Jean-Baptiste Lamarck Quotes (Author of Zoological Philosophy)

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The Lamarckian Legacy on Evolution and the Life of Lamarck


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He was a soldier, biologist , and academic , and an early proponent of the idea that biological evolution occurred and proceeded in accordance with natural laws. Lamarck fought in the Pomeranian War —62 against Prussia , and was awarded a commission for bravery on the battlefield. Lamarck became involved in the Jardin des Plantes and was appointed to the Chair of Botany in In an publication, he became one of the first to use the term " biology " in its modern sense. He is remembered, at least in malacology , as a taxonomist of considerable stature. However, the idea of soft inheritance long antedates him, formed only a small element of his theory of evolution, and was in his time accepted by many natural historians.

By the end of the s, paleontologists had swelled the fossil collections of Europe, offering a picture of the past at odds with an unchanging natural world. And in , a French naturalist named Jean Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet, Chevalier de Lamarck took a great conceptual step and proposed a full-blown theory of evolution. Lamarck started his scientific career as a botanist, but in he became one of the founding professors of the Musee National d'Histoire Naturelle as an expert on invertebrates. His work on classifying worms, spiders, molluscs, and other boneless creatures was far ahead of his time. Organisms driven to greater complexity This sort of evolution, for which Lamarck is most famous today, was only one of two mechanisms he proposed. As organisms adapted to their surroundings, nature also drove them inexorably upward from simple forms to increasingly complex ones.

Jean-Baptiste Lamarck — was a French botanist who proposed two ideas that had great impact in the theory of evolution.
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Jean-Baptiste Lamarck , in full Jean-Baptiste-Pierre-Antoine de Monet, chevalier de Lamarck , born August 1, , Bazentin-le-Petit, Picardy , France—died December 18, , Paris , pioneering French biologist who is best known for his idea that acquired characters are inheritable, an idea known as Lamarckism , which is controverted by modern genetics and evolutionary theory. Lamarck was the youngest of 11 children in a family of the lesser nobility. His family intended him for the priesthood, but, after the death of his father and the expulsion of the Jesuits from France , Lamarck embarked on a military career in As a soldier garrisoned in the south of France, he became interested in collecting plants. An injury forced him to resign in , but his fascination for botany endured, and it was as a botanist that he first built his scientific reputation. This provided Lamarck with his first official connection, albeit an unsalaried one, with the Jardin du Roi. In the changeover, all 12 of the scientists who had been officers of the previous establishment were named as professors and coadministrators of the new institution; however, only two professorships of botany were created.

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