Paul mccartney and wings band on the run

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paul mccartney and wings band on the run

Band on the Run: A History of Paul McCartney and Wings by Garry McGee

After the breakup of the Beatles in 1971, Paul McCartney formed Wings with his wife Linda on keyboards, ex-Moody Blues guitarist Denny Laine, and American session drummer Denny Seiwell. For ten dramatic and turbulent years, the band weathered the critics, endured pot busts, survived a harrowing recording stint in Nigeria, changed drummers constantly, and produced a great deal of remarkable music. McGees tale of one of the most successful bands of the seventies--the first book to focus exclusively on Pauls post-Beatles years-tells the stories behind the #1 hits Listen To What the Man Said, My Love, Band on the Run, Jet, With a Little Luck, and Coming Up. McGee reveals the bands inner dynamics and its relationship with the press and public, examining Pauls determination to pursue a new sound, the criticisms Linda initially got from fans and bandmates, and the character conflicts that kept the lineup changing. Appendices include interviews with former Wings guitarist Henry McCullough, a complete discography, a list of singles with Pauls comments on each, and rankings from the sales charts. Band on the Run also includes a trove of rare Wings promotional material--album covers, posters, ads, and candid photos of the band on tour.
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Paul McCartney & Wings Band on the Run Live 1976 HD

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Strange as it seems, as late as the summer of , Paul McCartney was still trying to find his musical footing in a post-Beatles world. Each of his four solo album, including two made with his band Wings, had featured superb moments, but none had matched the high standard set by his work with the Fab Four. His fifth album, Band on the Run , changed all that. The monumental troubles that plagued McCartney and Wings during the making of Band on the Run could easily serve as fodder for a Hollywood film epic. Booking studio time in Lagos for September, the former Beatle first gathered his fellow Wings bandmates together for some rehearsal work in Scotland. Tensions ensued, and just one week prior to departure, guitarist Henry McCullough and drummer Denny Seiwell resigned from the group.

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It was McCartney's fifth album after leaving the Beatles in April Although sales were modest initially, its commercial performance was aided by two hit singles — " Jet " and " Band on the Run " — such that it became the top-selling studio album of in the United Kingdom and Australia, in addition to revitalising McCartney's critical standing. It remains McCartney's most successful album and the most celebrated of his post-Beatles works. With no time to recruit replacements, McCartney went into the studio with just his wife Linda and Denny Laine. In addition to playing bass, McCartney also played drums, percussion and most of the lead guitar parts himself. After the band's return to England, final overdubs and further recording were carried out in London, mostly at AIR Studios. By , following the break-up of the Beatles three years before, Paul McCartney had yet to regain his artistic credibility or find favour with music critics for his post-Beatles work.

Everything he wrote would forever be compared to work he did before he turned Band On The Run took those musings and cranked them up. The fifth album McCartney released after the breakup of The Beatles, and the third with his band Wings, Band On The Run is his best-known solo work, and is one of the great pop albums of all time. But it came at an odd moment in his career. His early albums have been reconsidered recently especially Ram , but in it was an accepted consensus that his music was at an all-time low. Yet shortly before Wings was set to depart for Africa to begin recording, two members guitarist Henry McCullough and drummer Denny Seiwell quit the band, which only added to the turmoil.

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