N the land of blood and honey

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n the land of blood and honey

In the Land of Milk and Honey by Nell E.S. Douglas

When Gabrielle “Bree” Valentine awoke in a hospital bed with a newborn baby, she centered herself and rebuilt. Bree didn’t think about her mental breakdown, lost memories, or the features of a stranger emerging daily in the face of the son she is raising alone. Five years later, on a weekend in the Hamptons, a chance encounter with a man unlike any other jars her—bone deep. Daniel Hawthorne Baird II, wealthy, dangerous, British aristocrat, gravitates to Bree like caviar on crustinis. In his relentless obsession with Bree, their lives entwine despite Bree’s resistance. With the unconditional support of friends she calls ‘family’, Bree confronts the most difficult questions of her life. Unearthing the painful mysteries behind: who fathered her child, who the real Daniel Baird is, and the irrepressible desire driving her towards a man destined to be the end of them both.
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In the Land of Blood and Honey - Trailer (deutsch/german)


Angelina Jolie wasn't always an expert on the Bosnian War. That's one reason she wanted to make a movie about it. And I remain confused about the region. The war that raged inside the former Yugoslavia from to was the most brutal conflict on European soil since World War II, and many of the people it affected were members of Jolie's generation. People like Vanessa Glodjo, whom Jolie cast in her film.

And then an explosion rips through the club wall. Ajla and Danijel fall forward and out of frame, which erupts into flames and thick smoke. In the next moment, he's directing his men to close off the area and search for culprits, she's tending to her injured sister. As these would-be lovers are launched into the Bosnian war in , Angelina Jolie's film is launched into a series of irresolvable conflicts. Most obviously, Ajla is Muslim and Danijel is Serb, and so caught up in Romeo and Juliet-like tragedy, only much, much darker, beginning with Ajla's internment at a rape camp where Danijel is in command.

Centered around the sexually charged bond between two people on different sides of the Bosnian War, this alternately disturbing and titillating picture reps a dramatically misguided attempt to renew public awareness of the Balkan conflict. Ajla Zana Marjanovic , an attractive Muslim artist living in Sarajevo, meets Serb cop Danijel Goran Kostic at a nightclub one evening, but their mutual attraction is waylaid by a bomb blast. Four months later, when the Yugoslav-backed Serb army occupies the city and begins a horrific campaign of ethnic cleansing, irony once more rears its head: Danijel, serving in the Serbian army, recognizes Ajla among the numerous prisoners, and saves her from being raped by another officer. Over the following months, Danijel maintains an uneasily protective watch over Ajla, arranging private meetings in which she regards him with distrust and wary gratitude. Eventually Danijel installs her in her own private quarters where the two can make love and Ajla can paint in peace, away from the harassment and abuse of the other guards.

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In the Land of Blood and Honey - Trailer

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Sign in. Watch now. Title: In the Land of Blood and Honey A lesbian couple rents an apartment in a seemingly normal building which happens to be populated with all kinds of freaks. Initially kind but unaware of their secret, a landlady tries to

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