When malcolm x was born and died

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when malcolm x was born and died

The Autobiography of Malcolm X by Malcolm X

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Through a life of passion and struggle, Malcolm X became one of the most influential figures of the 20th Century. In this riveting account, he tells of his journey from a prison cell to Mecca, describing his transition from hoodlum to Muslim minister. Here, the man who called himself the angriest Black man in America relates how his conversion to true Islam helped him confront his rage and recognize the brotherhood of all mankind.
An established classic of modern America, The Autobiography of Malcolm X was hailed by the New York Times as Extraordinary. A brilliant, painful, important book. Still extraordinary, still important, this electrifying story has transformed Malcom Xs life into his legacy. The strength of his words, the power of his ideas continue to resonate more than a generation after they first appeared.
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Spike Lee's MALCOLM X (1992) - My Brother, You Devil

Louise suffered emotional breakdown several years after the death of her husband and was committed to a mental institution.
Malcolm X

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Malcolm X was a minister, human rights activist and prominent black nationalist leader who served as a spokesman for the Nation of Islam during the s and s. Due largely to his efforts, the Nation of Islam grew from a mere members at the time he was released from prison in to 40, members by A naturally gifted orator, Malcolm X exhorted blacks to cast off the shackles of racism "by any means necessary," including violence. Due to Earl Little's civil rights activism, the family was subjected to frequent harassment from white supremacist groups including the Ku Klux Klan and one of its splinter factions, the Black Legion. In fact, Malcolm Little had his first encounter with racism before he was even born.

Malcolm X May 19, — February 21, was an American Muslim minister and human rights activist who was a popular figure during the civil rights movement. He is best known for his controversial advocacy for the rights of blacks; some consider him a man who indicted white America in the harshest terms for its crimes against black Americans, while others accused him of preaching racism and violence. Born Malcolm Little in Omaha, Nebraska , he relocated to New York City's Harlem neighborhood in , after spending his teenage years in a series of foster homes following his father's death and his mother's hospitalization. In New York, Little engaged in several illicit activities, and was eventually sentenced to ten years in prison in for larceny and breaking and entering. After being paroled in , he quickly became one of the organization's most influential leaders. He also expressed pride in some of the social achievements he made with the Nation, particularly its free drug rehabilitation program.

Malcolm X's Early Experiences With Racism

Sign in. When Malcolm was four, the family moved to Lansing, Michigan, where Earl attempted opening a store while continuing his preaching. But a group of white supremacists calling themselves the Black Legion a sub-branch of the Ku Klux Klan became irate to him. Two years later, Earl Little was found dead on the trolley tracks in town after a streetcar ran over him. Despite the police report that Earl's death was an accident, Malcolm strongly believed that his father was murdered by the Black Legion who placed his father's body on the tracks to make it look like an accident. Following Earl's death, Malcolm's mother, Louise Little, tried to support her eight children on her own.

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  1. Malcolm X was a minister, human rights activist and prominent black nationalist leader who served as a spokesman for the Nation of Islam.

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