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marilyn monroe and colin clark pictures

Get Smarter: Life and Business Lessons by Seymour Schulich

This is a mentoring book primarily for the 20-to-40-year-old with entrepreneurial aspirations. Many older folks will also derive considerable inspiration from the life and business lessons contained in Get Smarter.

In examining his own life Seymour Schulich, a Canadian billionaire and philanthropist, realized that at age 20 he-like others his age-knew very little and was aware of that fact. At 30, he writes, one thinks one has acquired a lot of wisdom.

Upon later reflection, however, he realized he knew very little at that age, too!

Get Smarter is Schulich`s brilliantly idiosyncratic and informative attempt to impart lessons learned in a lifetime to today?s youth by someone who has achieved success in both his personal and professional life. In short, stand-alone chapters he covers such universal issues as:

-How to make a decision
-Manage all types of relationships
-Choose a career
-Deal with adversity
-Key business issues
-Investing lessons


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Marilyn Monroe In "The Prince And The Showgirl" - "To President Taft"

Marilyn Monroe: Colin Clark recalls his relationship with the Hollywood legend

By David Gritten. The year was a pivotal one in British history, politically and culturally. The Suez crisis rocked the nation's standing in the world, and Anthony Eden's authority as prime minister began unravelling. Rock'n'roll established its grip on the pop charts, while in the theatre, John Osborne's Look Back in Anger premiered at the Royal Court, effectively sweeping away generations of genteel, escapist British plays. Politeness, manners, formality, dress codes — all those things were being swept away. Against this backdrop, Colin Clark, a young man of 23, talked himself into a lowly job with Laurence Olivier's film production company.


Marilyn Monroe - The Prince, The Showgirl and Me(Colin Clark Diaries)

During the shoot, according to two diaries he later published, he became close to Marilyn Monroe. Hoping for a job on a film set, Colin Clark Eddie Redmayne sits in the offices of Laurence Olivier Productions until they let him have one. He becomes third assistant director on what is then known as The Sleeping Prince. My Week With Marilyn portrays Marilyn Monroe Michelle Williams as a victim of her own overwhelming sexual desirability — a problem many Guardian readers struggle with on a daily basis. Every heterosexual man in the vicinity can think of nothing but how to get into her knickers.

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