Baka and test season 4

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baka and test season 4

Baka & Test: Summon the Beasts 3 by Kenji Inoue

Akihisa runs wild at the school festival for Mizuki!

Its school festival season, and Akihisa and company are content to screw around-until Minami reports that Mizuki might be transferring, that is. This shocking revelation turns Akihisas world upside-down, but hes soon back on his feet again, recruiting the listless Yuuji for Operation(?): Keep Mizuki! Love and laughs govern all in volume three of Baka & Test!
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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Episode 5 English Dub

Enlarge Image. One of those questions is: Who did Akihisa choose as his girlfriend at the end of the series? So, that just leaves the task at hand.
Kenji Inoue

Who Did Akihisa End Up Choosing as His Girlfriend? (Baka and Test)

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Yuuji and Shouko?

Still, fans have long forgotten the once popular anime and what happened to its characters, most notably Akihisa, Minami, and Himeji. For all of the anime fans who lost touch with Baka and Test, allow me to announce that Baka and Test volume 12 was pretty much the summation of the whole light novel series and the series as a whole. While the ending was still pretty vague, it gave a clear indication as to how things will eventually become. He is as dimwitted as Yoshii, but his intelligence makes him one of the smartest students in Year 2. Also, Takashiro is in love with Himeji.

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