Song of ice and fire map poster

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song of ice and fire map poster

The Lands of Ice and Fire: Maps from Kings Landing to Across the Narrow Sea by George R.R. Martin

George R. R. Martin’s beloved Song of Ice and Fire series, which started with A Game of Thrones, is bursting with a variety and richness of landscapes—from bitter tundra to arid wasteland and everything in between—that provide a sense of scale unrivaled in contemporary fantasy. Now this dazzling set of maps, featuring original artwork from illustrator and cartographer Jonathan Roberts, transforms Martin’s epic saga into a world as fully realized as the one around us.
The centerpiece of this gorgeous collection is guaranteed to be a must-have for any fan: the complete map of the known world, joining the lands of the Seven Kingdoms and the lands across the Narrow Sea for the first time in series history. But this is just one of many unique maps that aren’t available anywhere else. There is an alternate version that tracks the movements of the series’ protagonists throughout their vast world, along with more detailed versions of the western, middle, and eastern thirds of the world; a full map of Westeros, combining North and South; one of the Dothraki Sea and the Red Wastes; and the Braavos city map. And here, too, are fan favorites detailing everything from urban sprawl to untamed wilds: maps of King’s Landing; The Wall and Beyond the Wall; the Free Cities; and Slaver’s Bay, Valyria, and Sothyros.
Never before has the entire scope of Martin’s universe been so exhaustively and fascinatingly depicted. The maps in this beautiful, one-of-a-kind atlas will enrich your reading or viewing experience, provide another view of your favorite characters’ epic journeys, and open up captivating new worlds—plus, they’ll look great on any castle wall.
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The Lands Of Ice And Fire Unboxing - 12 Official Maps From The World In Game Of Thrones Reviewed

Map of Westeros

Forgot your password? Or sign in with one of these services. Does anyone know if there are any higher quality poster sized maps available? I'm looking for something around 24x36 inches for all you not in the US. I'd like to get something nice that can be framed and hung in my office.

Essos is the largest of the four continents of George R. The continent lies east of Westeros and north of Sothoryos, stretching from the Shivering Sea in the north to the Summer Sea in the south, and from the Narrow Sea in the west to the lands surrounding the Jade Sea in the east, if not farther. Essos is populated by many different peoples and has a vast and varied geography. In the novels, the continent is simply called the eastern continent, beyond the Narrow Sea, or the East; George R. Martin first referred to it as Essos in mid in an interview, and later officially confirmed it. This map not only contains all the geographical features that can be found in the books or on the internet, but it is also decorated with the main gods and historical events that shaped the continent.

The Free Cities of Braavos, Pentos, Myr and Lys

The website is designed to display useful information on top of the map layer and link to additional details on the Westeros. If you haven't finished reading the novels or watching the shows, you can hide any details that might spoil the plot. Simply drag the slider in the top-right corner to the last chapter or episode that you've completed. You can move the slider with arrow buttons in order to animate the characters' paths. Keep in mind that the slider only controls this map; any page you may open on the wiki site may contain spoilers.

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  1. Essos Map and Westeros Map Scroll Poster Game of Thrones Map of Essos and Map of Westeros from book series A Song of Ice and Fire GoT Map.

  2. Map of the West for George RR Martin's series A Song of Ice and Fire, The West – from the on how they were drawn. And you can pick up the posters here.

  3. Does anyone know if there are any higher quality poster sized maps available? Im looking for something around 24x36 (inches for all you not in.

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