When words and behavior doesn t match

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when words and behavior doesn t match

Actions Speak Louder Than Words Quotes (64 quotes)

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Published 25.12.2018

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Decode Mixed Signals - Know When to Believe Words and When to Watch Actions

W hen someone verbally expresses their feelings or wishes, we generally expect them to be telling the truth. If we have trust in the person, we may not see any reason to doubt them. The biggest problem is you never know where you stand with this type of person. You may begin to feel certain emotions based upon what they said or did, but then their other side kicks in, leaving you blindsided. Personally, I believe actions do trump spoken words. Another major issue is that people like this are bound to confuse you.

I see so many people practically getting a Ph. On the flipside, I come across an incredible number of people who are sold on the wing and a prayer of words. Some have been interacting with people who have never had their actions match the words that come out of their mouth for over five decades. These people are a violation of the Trade Descriptions Act while selling you goods under deception. Really, being with someone who talks but fails to act, is like calling up one of those chat lines over and over again. Match, match, match, match, match. The disconnect means they undermine what they say and do.

In his line of work, he is often in the position of telling people to break up with their partner. He is worried that someday he will run into the jerk that got dumped who is then mad and possibly violent. This was it — the columnist was ready for this guy to deck him. But instead the guy said, thank you! Economists have a great term for this: revealed preference. Instead of relying on what people state as their preference, you look at the actual decisions they make.

When someone's words don't match their actions, let yourself believe the worst case scenario. I know you don't want to. Neither did I. Looking.
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Do actions speak louder than words? Or is it words that are more important to a relationship? Relationships are be confusing and difficult to navigate. Sometimes it is hard to tell what your romantic partner is thinking, feeling or wanting concerning you and the relationship. Even more so when their words say one thing but their actions say something completely different.

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  1. Recognizing the Truth When Words and Actions Don't Match to back up their words with action, their behavior will reveal their deeper truth.

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