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joanie demer and heather wheeler

Heather Wheeler (Author of Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey)

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Published 24.12.2018

Extreme Couponing For a Cause

Don t be a skeptic!
Heather Wheeler

Krazy Coupon Lady

It worked. More than a decade later, the duo has transformed its couponing blog into a go-to resource for money-saving, created an app, published a best-selling book, and become regulars on the talk-show circuit for their life-changing advice on getting the absolute biggest bang for your buck. Now, Demer and Wheeler are talking about how saving with coupons has changed over the years, and how the savings can be life-changing. In an interview with Mediaplanet, Wheeler says she was first encouraged to try couponing by an aunt who lived in a different state. She printed off coupons from Coupons.

Groceries aren't cheap, but they're a necessity. Use the Internet. Stack your savings. The general rule is not to buy something just because you have a coupon, but instead, smartly use coupons for products you buy. Stockpile when prices are low. Just create a little space in your closet, and stack things there. Demer says diapers, generally seen as a great expense, can get more affordable, too.

Beyond positioning themselves as experts though they had no formal financial-related training , they wanted to gain national exposure for their deal-based website. GGBPR was tasked with generating media and consumer awareness on a national scale, as well as positioning Wheeler and Demer as experts and establishing the website as the go-to destination for coupons, deals, and cost-cutting advice. Her insatiable dedication to her clients and her tireless work ethic quickly earned our total confidence. GG is, and will always be, an integral part of the KCL team. Tactics Created a strategic media plan with pitching platforms that addressed various lifestyle areas where consumers typically want to cut costs, offering relevant expert ideas that also kicked back to the website. Areas ranged from the couponing craze, to parenting, to organic living, to health and fitness. Also identified and capitalized on shopping events throughout the year where consumers can save money, such as back-to-school and holidays.

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For moms wearing many hats, the ability to multitask is a must. Back by popular demand, mogul-moms of Krazy Coupon Lady, Joanie Demer and Heather Wheeler joined us to share some time- and money-saving hacks that help them juggle it all. Set up automatic reorders. Shop for groceries online. With a few clicks, you can browse aisles, sales, and coupons on popular online grocers like FreshDirect , Peapod , Amazon Fresh , Target , and Walmart.

I have to admit upfront I was skeptical at first that coupons could provide the kinds of savings the authors promise, but as I read through the secrets in this book, I was completely won over. Everything you need to know is in this book. Coupons are vital for such times as when the economy is bad, or as the Krazy Coupon Ladies explain, when gas prices are high: The price of oil directly affects the price of groceries. If truckers go on strike, if gasoline prices quadruple, you can insulate yourself from the effects by having a stockpile. I had no idea about the history of the coupon from its origins in the late s to its Internet printable versions and the fraudulent scams they have engendered.


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