Howard carter and king tut

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howard carter and king tut

Howard Carter Quotes (Author of The Discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamen)

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King Tut and His Treasures for Kids: Biography of Tutankhamun, Discovery of his Tomb - FreeSchool

All rights reserved. A hush fell on the group of British and Egyptian observers standing at the sealed doorway on November 26,

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British archaeologist and Egyptologist Howard Carter along with his sponsor, Lord Carnarvon, spent many years and a lot of money searching for a tomb in Egypt's Valley of the Kings that they weren't sure still existed. But on November 4, , they found it. Carter had discovered not just an unknown ancient Egyptian tomb, but one that had lain nearly undisturbed for over 3, years. What lay within King Tut's tomb astounded the world. Carter had worked in Egypt for 31 years before he found King Tut 's tomb. He had begun his career in Egypt at age 17, using his artistic talents to copy wall scenes and inscriptions. In , Carter resigned from this job and in , went to work for Lord Carnarvon.

Howard Carter and the Curse of Tut's Mummy. The rumor of an ancient curse didn't stop this archaeologist from opening the tomb of King Tut. His tomb, in comparison with his contemporaries, was modest. After his death, his successors made an attempt to expunge his memory by removing his name from all the official records. Even those carved in stone. As it turns out, his enemy's efforts only ensured his eventual fame. His name was Tutankhamen: King Tut.

The curse of Tutankhamun first struck in February The previous November, the intrepid archaeologist Howard Carter and his sponsor Lord Carnarvon discovered the burial chamber of a forgotten boy-king hidden in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt, untouched by robbers and stuffed with treasures. They were soaking up the press attention as Tutankhamun , forgotten for millennia, suddenly became world famous — and so did his discoverers. Then Lord Carnarvon got bitten on the cheek by a mosquito. He accidentally made the bite worse while shaving, and died in a delirious fever. Arthur Conan Doyle , creator of Sherlock Holmes and ardent believer in the supernatural, said it must be the "curse" of the mummy. Death was decreed on anyone who disturbed the young pharaoh, reported newspapers.

Howard Carter (9 May – 2 March ) was a British archaeologist and Egyptologist who became world-famous.
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But before the iconic tomb was uncovered, the expedition hell-bent on discovering it was almost disbanded after years of unsuccessful searches. It would be thanks to the resilience and persistence of one archaeologist, Howard Carter, that these ancient secrets could be fully unveiled for likely the first time since they were sealed.

His father trained and developed Howard's artistic talents. Carter spent much of his childhood with relatives in the Norfolk market town of Swaffham , the birthplace of both his parents. Although only 17, Carter was innovative in improving the methods of copying tomb decoration. In , he worked under the tutelage of Flinders Petrie for one season at Amarna, the capital founded by the pharaoh Akhenaten. He supervised a number of excavations at Thebes now known as Luxor.

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