Stuart hall cultural representations and signifying practices

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stuart hall cultural representations and signifying practices

Representation: Cultural Representations and Signifying Practices by Stuart Hall

همه ما کم و بیش از وجود و اهمیت «معنا» و «فرهنگ» در زندگی اجتماعی آگاهیم و درباره آنها بسیار سخن می گوییم ولی معمولا تصور روشنی از ماهیت یا چیستی آنها نداریم، نمی توانیم آنها را به دقت تعریف کنیم و بخوبی نمی دانیم چرا چنین اهمیت فراوانی در زندگی ما دارند. در این کتاب، یکی از برجسته ترین اندیشمندان و نظریه پردازان معاصر فرهنگ می کوشد به پرسش از چیستی و اهمیت معنا و فرهنگ پاسخ های معتبر و روشنی بدهد. او، که فرهنگ را چیزی جز «معناهای مشترک» نمی داند، با قلمی بسیار دقیق، عمیق و در عین حال ساده، می گوید که معنا چیست و چگونه بوجود می آید یا به اصطلاح تولید می شود. او سپس به بیان اهمیت معنا می پردازد و می گوید که معنا، در قالب اسطوره و گفتمان، چه رابطه و نسبتی با قدرت دارد

لازم به توضیح است که ترجمه فارسی، تنها مقدمه و فصل اولِ کتاب حجیم استوارت هال را شامل می شود
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Presentación Stuart Hall

Representation: cultural representations and signifying practices

Stuart Hall Video Summaries. So, here it is: we have barely started the semester and there is already an issue which we must take time to discuss. First of all, if you have a problem with something that is done or said in this or any classroom, talk to the professor. You are adults and this is a formal environment. You have responsibilities. If you do not discuss your concerns with your professor, then she cannot address them. It is not appropriate for you to take those concerns outside this little community we have here before you discuss it with her and the class.

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This is simply a magnificent collection of chapters, laced together under the guiding light of Stuart Hall's outstanding scholarship. The chapters each exemplify the very best modes of cultural studies writing, theoretically informed, lucid, vividly alive and relevant to students and to general readers across the arts, humanities and social sciences. New material by Stuart Hall is particularly welcome, and will be much appreciated given his key role in the development of post-colonial as well as cultural studies. In particular we see Hall lay out the conceptual groundwork for an extensive study of the media from the viewpoint of 'race' and ethnicity. The second edition of Representation should enable it to speak to new generations of students and to continue to serve as the authoritative introduction to the theories and politics of meaning and representation in cultural studies. Anyone interested in these matters, whether student, teacher or simply curious intellect, will be glad for the time spent reading this book.

Uh-oh, it looks like your Internet Explorer is out of date. For a better shopping experience, please upgrade now. Javascript is not enabled in your browser. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. Since Representation has been the key go-to textbook for students learning the tools to question and critically analyze institutional and media texts and images. This long-awaited Second Edition:.

The concept of representation is of crucial importance in all academic fields in which cultural objects are studied visual arts, design, architecture, film, literature. Paintings, writen and visual texts, material objects, films, buildings, but also institutes like museums, are pervaded by explicit or implicit ideologies and meanings. These cultural objects and institutions represent and reflect society and culture. This holds true for the early Modern period, as much as for the Modern and Contemporary period, and for European as much as for non-European cultures. In this course we will look at questions such as: What does representation mean and do? What or who is represented, by whom, and for whom? Which representations confirm what we think we know, and which representations undermine hegemonic knowledge?

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