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chris pratt bloopers parks and rec

Nat’s review of Unqualified

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Published 20.12.2018

Parks Recreation Season 6 Bloopers

Parks Recreation Season 6 Bloopers

It was only a matter of time before Chris Pratt became an A-list movie star. Throughout it all, Pratt has proven to be a charming, entertaining, and most of all, hilarious guy. Here are some times that the camera captured him on movie and TV sets goofing off, screwing up, and ad-libbing. Pratt's character, Owen, can do a lot of things. For example, he can ride a motorcycle, he can rescue kids, and he can track dinosaurs. But character and actor are not the same. While Pratt believably did all of those things as Owen in the action smash Jurassic World, the actor himself lacks a skill or too.

He simply wishes she never had a chance of finding out about it. At least not on purpose. The gag was too crude for network TV or for this blog, but the GQ article has the gist of it. Hint: It riffed on her sex tape. Not even for DVD-blooper consideration.

The road that led me down to pick this book up is a funny one and can be mainly credited to one character: Andy Dwyer. I inevitably went down a rabbit hole of binge-watching clip after clip of Parks and Rec , and all this to say, I knew something productive would come of it because this whole preface led me to Unqualified by Anna Faris, since I recalled that Chris Pratt wrote the foreword, and after reading his words, I can only say: Andy would approve. I immensely enjoyed the window into her whirlwind world. I bonded over the many insights shared from Faris. The biggest compliment I can pay is that I was so into Unqualified that I continued dreaming about in my sleep, granted I stayed up listening till 1 am and slept for only five hours that night, but still. This book reads of truth. I mean, Green Day was pumping through the loudspeakers.

What's Your Number?

This is the best time of year. No, it's not Christmas. It's Parks and Recreation blooper real time. And it is the best time. Chris Pratt's having a moment with all this Guardians Of The Galaxy hooplah, but here you get to see him in a different one of his elements: As the goofy Andy Dwyer, casually dumpster-diving and telling Nick Offerman about being born a pound baby with a full set of teeth. Parks and Rec bloopers have long been a glorious thing, and now that we're approaching the seventh and final season we've really got to clamp onto each remaining one.

Comedy and action star Chris Pratt, is currently on a promotional tour for his role as velociraptor trainer Owen in summer blockbuster Jurassic World. Chris Pratt has made quite a name for himself as a wise cracking action star in Guardians of the Galaxy and you can catch him in the much anticipated movie Jurassic World next week. However, before he became the world famous movie star, Chris was popular on TV, most notably in the role of the dim-witted, but lovable Andy Dwyer in the hit NBC series Parks and Recreation. He had a supporting role to start with, but Andy's character was deemed likeable enough for producers to bring him back as a series regular, Chris ended up starring in of the episodes of the comedy series. Parks and Recreation ran from to


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