Laurel and hardy big business youtube

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laurel and hardy big business youtube

Mr Laurel & Mr Hardy: An Affectionate Biography by John McCabe

Affettuosissima biografia del duo comico Stanlio & Ollio.
E bene chiarire da subito, che come Stanlio&Ollio sono conosciuti solo in Italia (non solo perchè si italianizzavano molti nomi doltre oceano, vedi Ridolini, Gianni & Pinotto, etc. quanto perchè in un loro film ambientato in Italia, Fra Diavolo, scelsero proprio quei nomi per litalianizzazione, e così rimasero). Una scelta che accentua il carattere bambinesco, a differenza delloriginale Mr Laurel& Mr Hardy, che sottolinea il loro essere adulti.

Laffetto dichiarato per Stan e la passione per i film del duo permeano tutto il libro, che di biografico in senso stretto ha molto poco, privilegiando laspetto professionale, e il making of dei corto e lungometraggi. Ma il vero oggetto, la domanda su cui si interroga McCabe è il perchè del perdurare del loro successo.
Laspetto fisico di Stanlio&Ollio è un elemento sicuramente importante, ma non lunico: la fisicità, la mimica, la dissonanza tra le intenzioni e il risultato delle azioni, sono state costanti di altri famosissimi comici (Chaplin, Buster Keaton). Comici che sono diventati famosi, peraltro, col muto ovvero con un paradigma secondo cui non erano necessarie parole, costruendo di fatto una sorta di alfabeto universale comprensibile a prescindere dalla lingua (o dal contesto culturale: Chaplin e S&O sono stati travolti da folle oceaniche* durante i loro tour sia negli Usa che in Europa).
McCabe identifica la loro poetica con linnocenza e una candida ignoranza, in contrasto con tutti i peccati e le follie del mondo.
In effetti, non mi imbarazza vedere le loro gag che si risolvono in modo sempre tragicomico, e non mi sento idiota neanche a vedere un film basato solo su battaglie a torte in faccia, in cui fu usata tutta la produzione giornaliera di una fabbrica, tipo 2000 torte (fu fatto con lintento di mettere la parola fine a questo escamotage). A differenza di quello che provo quando, per scherzi del telecomando, finisco su un cinepanettone con la sua greve e sboccata volgarità. Hardy era talmente rispettoso del pubblico che la gag della cravatta frullata nasce proprio per evitare una scena imbarazzante, in cui stava per soffiarsi il naso con la cravatta, ma si ferma imbarazzato un secondo prima perché ci sono delle signore in scena.
Mentre lo sguardo fisso in camera nasce dalla loro lunga esperienza sul palco, è il modo per dare il tempo al pubblico di ridere e NON perdersi la battuta successiva.

Sono andata a rivedermi alcuni loro pezzi su youtube, e che ci devo fare, a me fanno ancora sbellicare dal ridere.
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Laurel & Hardy – Big Business

So why hasn’t there ever been a female version of Laurel and Hardy?

Reilly decide to delight the clerk with a bit of business. Dusting off an old routine, Stan bumbles his way through the lobby carrying way too many pieces of luggage while Ollie grows increasingly impatient. We never get anybody famous staying here. The film mostly focuses on the duo during a low point of their fame as they tour s England with a stage show. The movie opportunities have dried up and TV has yet to make them inescapable via reruns of their old movies that played in constant rotation for the next couple of decades. But even here, Laurel and Hardy need no introduction. And even today, Laurel and Hardy remain instantly recognizable: the big guy with the tiny mustache and the little guy with the vacuous expression, both wearing bowler hats that could fit a little bit better.

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Walker script. The film, largely about tit-for-tat vandalism between Laurel and Hardy as Christmas tree salesmen and the man who rejects them, was deemed culturally significant and entered into the National Film Registry in Stan and Ollie play door-to-door Christmas tree salesmen in California — in the summer. They end up getting into an escalating feud with grumpy would-be customer James Finlayson. He, goaded by their repeated attempts to sell him a Christmas tree, destroys it with hedge-clippers. Finlayson then goes to work on their clothes, and this escalates, with his home and their car being destroyed in the melee after Finlayson has run out of Christmas trees to mangle. A police officer Tiny Sandford steps in to stop the fight after vases are thrown out and smashed, and one hits him on the foot and negotiates a peaceful resolution.

As any member of the diehard Sons of the Desert fan club will tell you, Another Fine Mess is the film; the actual catchphrase is often misquoted. When all was said and done, Laurel and Hardy would appear together in an astonishing films of varying length between and Born in Lancashire, England, the son of a theater manager and an actress, Laurel began his career on stage as a teenager in Scotland, eventually joining a troupe of British music hall actors that included a young Charlie Chaplin. They toured the United States, but Laurel decided to stay, so he headed to Hollywood and made his film debut in the silent short Nuts in May. Oliver Hardy, meanwhile, was born in the small town of Harlem, Georgia, and grew up in the rural south until he went to Atlanta as a teenager to study music and sing.

Laurel and Hardy were a comedy duo act during the early Classical Hollywood era of American cinema. They became well known during the late s to the mids for their slapstick comedy, with Laurel playing the clumsy and childlike friend of the pompous bully Hardy. It was played over the opening credits of their films and has become as emblematic of the duo as their bowler hats. Prior to emerging as a team, both actors had well-established film careers. Laurel had appeared in over 50 films as an actor while also working as a writer and director , while Hardy had been in more than productions. The two comedians had previously worked together as cast members on the film The Lucky Dog in

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  2. The movie itself may be no great shakes, but the performances by Steve Coogan as Stan Laurel and John C Reilly as Oliver Hardy are enough on their own to have audiences blubbing like Stan or waggling their ties in the manner of Ollie.

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