What y all mad about today

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what y all mad about today

Today I Am Mad by Michael Gordon

 Kids feel emotions in big ways! Here’s a great story for helping kids manage their feelings.
* Help children learn to identify and regulate their emotions  
* Anger is a normal, healthy emotion.
* Behaving badly doesnt make you bad 
* Teaching your kids to deal with disappointment 
* Learn to tame your temper 
* Teaching kids about empathy, kindness, and compassion 

It has a great message:
“This is a sweet little book. My 4 year old quotes it now when he starts getting cranky. ” - Julia
“We like this book! ITs fun, and my girls like me to read it to them every night before bed“ - Liz

Explains empathy & kindness:
“I got this book for my grandson. The pictures are colorful and the story teaches about patience. Book is perfect for the 3-5 -year old.“ - Kathy
“Cute story, emphasizes empathy & kindness. My kids loved it!” - Carol
* Cute illustrations with nice rhyming story
 * Not too long, grabs kid’s attention
 * Print version includes COLORING PAGES

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Published 12.12.2018

what yall mad about today

Today I learned that Pat McGrath, a Black woman from the UK without a rich family on television, was raised by a single mother and later worked as a receptionist and booked makeup clients on the side, slowly building her reputation into the gold standard it is today. Maybe someone ran the numbers on Kylie before they did Pat.
Michael Gordon

You mad or Nah?

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When some of our favorite fighters have done the exact same thing. Log In Sign Up. Yall Mad Memes. That shit don't even be tasting like grapes.. And y'all mad that makes sense.

Why do you look so angry? I see it in your face. For the rest of us, it may be helpful to know that some people seem to have outsize difficulty with reading neutral faces as neutral, even if they are exceptionally accurate at interpreting other facial expressions. Over the past decade psychologists have been piecing together why this occurs. A study published in March in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships suggests that some people who grew up with parents who fought a lot never learned to properly read those in-between faces, perhaps because they spent so much time watching out for signs of conflict. It has also been shown that adults who were exposed to violence, neglect or physical abuse in childhood are more likely to see hostility where there is none.

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