Bible verses about the big picture

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bible verses about the big picture

The Big Picture Bible Verses: Tracing the Storyline of the Bible by David R. Helm

Help Your Kids Learn the Big Picture of the Bible

Make Scripture memorization part of your family life with this easy-to-use resource aimed at helping children hide Gods Word in their hearts!

Designed as a complementary resource to the best-selling The Big Picture Story Bible, this kid-friendly catechism features 45 questions and answers drawn directly from Scripture--making memorizing the Bible fun and easy!

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The Big Picture of Salvation

When the explosion rocked the Brussels airport, the reality of evil came home to me. Two of my relatives stood ten feet from the suicide bomber.
David R. Helm

Ps. 37: Why the big picture of Scripture gives us big hope

If you know someone or a group who would like to follow along, encourage them to learn more and sign up to receive the series via email. Readings start December 1. One of the most helpful things we can do to understand the Bible better is to gain a clear comprehension of the whole sweep of the biblical text. It is breathtaking. The books of the Old Testament include history, prophecy, poetry, wisdom, and law. The creation of the universe, the fall of humanity into sin and corruption, the development of humanity.

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Often they are just a few verses so the impact can be cushioned if you are not meditating on what is being said. The story of the heavens and the earth, man and all the animals being brought forth from nothing is about two pages depending on your Bible translation choice. Stop and really consider the impact of these stories. Do you have a year-old child? Do you remember being a year-old child? It would be outrageous. Why would God allow such a thing?

One of my dearest Christian friends told me her most embarrassing moment was when a non-Christian friend asked her a question about the Bible. She was asking out of curiosity. Feeling the glare of a spotlight, my friend said she stammered for a bit and then admitted she needed more time. Scholars call the Big Picture the Grand Biblical Narrative — how God chose a people, saved them from sin through his Son, and restored them and the rest of creation to himself. I think many of you are in the same boat. We tend to read the Scriptures as if they are segmented stories. Popular Bible studies tend to be organized topically effectively divorcing them from the larger story of Scripture.

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