About love by anton chekhov full story

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about love by anton chekhov full story

Love by Anton Chekhov

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Love - Anton Chekhov

About Love by Anton Chekhov

Anton P. Chekhov According to Alyohin, Pelageya loved Nikanor but Pelageya did not want to marry him instead she was ready to live with him just so. In the contrary Nikanor; the cook was deeply religious and therefore he was ready to live with her if she married him. In this story we read the dynamics of romantic love almost at Platonic level.

Alyohin Pavel Konstantinovich — The narrator and lead character of the story. He tells the story of his life, his love relationship with Anna, to his friends Burkin and Ivan Ivanych. He is in love with Pelagya.
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It was first published in the August No. Chekhov, published by Adolf Marks. There were numerous entries in Chekhov's notebooks related to the story, the earliest of them going back to as far as , long before the story was apparently conceived. He wrote the story in June and July , while staying at his country house in Melikhovo. It was supposed to be sent to Russkaya Mysl for this magazine's August issue along with "Gooseberries", and in the notebooks the two plotlines often intertwined. Originally Chekhov was not going to end the cycle with "About Love" and hoped to write at least one more story for it.

THREE o'clock in the morning. The soft April night is looking in at my windows and caressingly winking at me with its stars. I can't sleep, I am so happy! I can't analyse it just now -- I haven't the time, I'm too lazy, and there -- hang analysis! Why, is a man likely to interpret his sensations when he is flying head foremost from a belfry, or has just learned that he has won two hundred thousand? Is he in a state to do it? I began it five times, and as often tore up the sheets, scratched out whole pages, and copied it all over again.

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