Something about mary retard scene

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something about mary retard scene

Tim by Colleen McCullough

Mary Horton is content with her comfortable, solitary existence . . . until she meets Tim. A beautiful young man with the mind of a child; a gentle outcast in a cruel, unbending world - he illuminates the darkness of Marys days with his boyish innocence. And he will shatter the lonely, middle-aged spinsters respectable, ordered life with a forbidden promise of a very special love.
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There's something about Mary - "Those Goofy Bastards"

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What a blessed relief is laughter. It flies in the face of manners, values, political correctness and decorum. It exposes us for what we are, the only animal with a sense of humor. OK, five explosive, one moderate. I love it when a movie takes control, sweeps away my doubts and objections, and compels me to laugh. I'm having a physical reaction, not an intellectual one. There's such freedom in laughing so loudly.

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There's Something About Mary

Mary is Ted's High School dream girl. She asks him to the prom because he treats her retarded brother well and because she likes braces. After Ted screws up the prom opportunity she moves away to another state from Ted. Ted tracks her down years later. Mary is as beautiful as ever, single, and an Orthopedic Surgeon.

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  1. Sitting through all six hours of this DVD is like serving a small prison sentence for a mild but unpardonable crime.

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