Bible verses about flat earth

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bible verses about flat earth

The Illustrative Flat Earth Concordance: Biggest Compilation of Bible verses, Apocrypha, and Extra Biblical Texts on our Plane by Paul Raines

Do you love the Bible? Do you love science? Do you love Cosmology? This book compiles all the verses in all known texts of ancient Biblical origins, based on our flat plane, and shows you where to find them. It also gives an illustration of the type of verse regarding Flat Earth, and even uses observational science to back it up! This is a must have to add your FE collection. The easiest way to find these verses, show them to Pastors, friends, unbelievers, who ever.
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FLAT EARTH BIBLE PROOFS A Simple & Introductory Video

Proverbs The one who states his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him. This idea was almost non-existent until recently, yet this particular branch of pseudoscience is making inroads.
Paul Raines

Flat Earth vs Creationism – A Biblical perspective

These believers in the flat earth would argue that they reject evolution and the modern model of the solar system for the same reasons, and the central reason to some is the Bible. Where did this movement come from? And are they right about what they think the Bible teaches? The flat earth movement had enjoyed limited success in the s, gaining more popularity as a slander against the church than as a scientific movement. However, due to a few publications and a few sensationalized experiments, like the famous Bedford Level Experiment,.

And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven. Earthquakes shake Earth, and does not move: 2 Samuel , Isaiah , Revelation Waters have a Face a geometrical flat surface : Genesis , Genesis , Job In reference to Genesis , have you ever heard of the abyssal plains? Also they are some of the flattest smoothest areas on earth. NOTE: If you need help understanding how 4 corners exist on a circle, click here. For we are told in Psalm , "The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.

When he first heard about the idea of a flat Earth Robbie Davidson thought the notion that the world was not a sphere was crazy. But not any more. The hotel is hosting the second annual Flat Earth International Conference — an event that Davidson himself founded and organized. But perhaps the most common thread is the Bible, and the conviction of its fundamental truth. That makes evangelical Christians one of largest and most enthusiastic groups who embrace the theory, but they are also one of the least reported on and one that causes immense controversy in their own community.

What does the bible say about the flat earth theory? Although the theory of Earth being flat is not directly spoken about, some verses describe.
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Respect the Audience

He holds an M. But what does the Bible really say about the shape of the Earth? For those with a high view of Scripture, the Bible stands as an unquestioned authority. If the Bible teaches the Earth is flat, then we must believe it, regardless of what pseudoscience says. Indeed, a number of theorists insist a spherical Earth is contrary to the teaching of Scripture. Are they correct?

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