What you love about teaching

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what you love about teaching

Teaching Quotes (1259 quotes)

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Published 11.12.2018

Teaching is the best profession(TELUGU)

12 Reasons I Love Teaching

Enjoy these sweet reminders about why you do what you do every day to change your students' lives. At the end of the year, teachers often feel exhausted. Battle-scarred and weary, we clean up our classrooms and look forward to our hard-earned vacations. But even at the end of a long year, there are still plenty of reasons to love teaching. Now is the perfect time to step back and remember why we entered the teaching field in the first place. Teachers are amazing people.

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For many students, a passion for education is often ignited by an inspiring teacher. Teachers are dedicated, to say the least. They work long hours, spend their own limited resources to innovate curriculum, and do everything they can to make sure their classrooms are safe and welcoming for students. What keeps them motivated? What fuels their passion for teaching? We were curious. We asked teachers to share their reasons why they teach on our Concordia Portland Facebook Page.

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