Descriptive writing about a candle

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descriptive writing about a candle

Flames Quotes (67 quotes)

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Candle Shop Roleplay (ASMR)

It is not always easy to describe the smell of a candle.

Describe the Smell of a Candle

After studying our basic model for organizing a descriptive paragraph , you may find it helpful to apply the strategies in this short exercise. Here is the topic sentence of a descriptive paragraph titled "The Candle":. The rest of the paragraph appears below. However, the sentences have been rearranged so that the descriptions appear in no logical order. Reorder the sentences to create a clearly organized paragraph.

The candle had rested upon the wooden mantle for many years, unburnt. It was pretty, the colour of sea-waves in storybooks, conjuring sea-dragons in pastel shades to Elise's imagination. She noticed their tops, pale after so many warm summer suns, the whiteness of that natural wax making an imperfect halo. She let her finger run from the edge to the wick, still as perfectly smooth as the day it was made, ready to fulfil its purpose. Martina struck the match and she stood back just a little, watching the new flame flicker its golden hue into the early morning. This was right, as it should be, no more waiting, no more unsung songs or candles collecting dust. Life is for living.

A button was pressed on a lighter and a small flame appeared in the dark sanctuary. It was like a seed of light, its flame bright with the energy it contained. The wand of the lighter was dipped towards a man with a handheld candle and, magically, it flourished. He then, in turn, passed his flame to another individual with a handheld candle. These participants then transferred their flames to others and so on until, in time, it made its way to my wife and I in the back, the room blossoming with petals of light.

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It sees the bride and groom have their own taper candles then together they light a pillar candle, symbolising the coming together of two families, becoming one. At the beginning of the ceremony order, often the mothers of the bride and groom light the taper candles representing their family, traditions and wisdom whilst showing acceptance to the individuality of the bride and groom Better Essays words 2. When the flame begins to drop below the top-level of wax, leaving a dry, hard ring that just won 't melt, it 's called candle tunneling. If you 've spent extra money to buy a quality, long-burning candle, you obviously want to get everything you 've paid for out of it, not just the center

The candle gives far less illumination than the meanest of electrical light bulbs, yet it is all my eyes can take. By the flickering yellow the room is dark, the shapes of the furniture discernible but the colours so muted that they are almost grey. It reminds me of the hearth in days gone by, when Carl would bring in the firewood and we'd warm ourselves before the bare flames, basking in the glow and praying not to be struck by stray embers. I reach out, fingers to the baby flame to feel the warmth and half smile, half break - memories, warm and cold all at once, the ointment and the knife. The candlelight is an arc of brilliant gold in the blackness.

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  1. The candle had rested upon the wooden mantle for many years, unburnt. It was pretty, the colour of sea-waves in storybooks, conjuring sea-dragons in pastel.

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