Funny poems about school days

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funny poems about school days

Lunch Money: And Other Poems About School by Carol Diggory Shields

Here are twenty-four hilarious poems about school, where all kinds of unexpected things happen. From an unusual pledge of allegiance and jungle gym gossip to recess rules and the rules of addition, Carol Diggory Shields captures the experiences of schoolgoers with wit and verve. This rollicking collection is sure to keep readers laughing until summer vacation. A frisky collection....Kids will greet [the poems] with enthusiasm.
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A Poem on School

The best poems about school

Here's a collection of rhyming poems about school that were written for your enjoyment. You'll find poems that talk about the various stages of education, including verses about preschool, kindergarten, primary, middle, and high school. I think it's important for us to motivate and inspire our children to enjoy school by encouraging them to enjoy learning and helping them excel. Kids should also have a positive attitude towards school, by realizing it's a fun place where they can socialize with friends, and also be active physically. Let's start off with a very general poem about school for kids. These verses may be shared with children of any age. Subjects and teaching styles, are plentiful and vary.

Funny poems and songs about all the crazy things that happen at school. Funny Sick Day. Homework, I Love You. Running Late. Our Teacher's a Hippie.
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First Day At School - Poem by Roger McGough

All of the poems above are from The Works chosen by Paul Cookson. This books offers children the perfect introduction to the wonderful world of poetry. Looking for your next adventure? Discover the next great story to spark the imagination of your little reader with our dedicated children's books newsletter. Read our privacy notice to find out how we hold and use your personal information.

A millionbillionwillion miles from home Waiting for the bell to go. To go where? Why are they all so big, other children? So noisy? So much at home they Must have been born in uniform Lived all their lives in playgrounds Spent the years inventing games That don't let me in. Games That are rough, that swallow you up.

The difficulties of School is a subject which many have written about. Children are in some ways like savages, untrained in the ways of society. They may not stop to think whether it is wrong to torture other children. Students are often the target of emotional or physical bullying. Most schools have various groups or gangs of students that exclude all others. Yet, there is much good that children and teens do between each other.

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