A beautiful poem about growing older

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a beautiful poem about growing older

Aging Quotes (933 quotes)

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Grandma Faye, age 97, recites an amusing poem about growing older.

Poems about old age and life, poems about aging and dealing with getting old. It is genuinely a beautiful poem depicting the harsh reality of life that many of.

Let Me Grow Lovely - Poem by Karle Wilson Baker

It ought to be lovely to be old to be full of the peace that comes of experience and wrinkled ripe fulfilment. The wrinkled smile of completeness that follows a life lived undaunted and unsoured with accepted lies they would ripen like apples, and be scented like pippins in their old age. Soothing, old people should be, like apples when one is tired of love. Fragrant like yellowing leaves, and dim with the soft stillness and satisfaction of autumn. And a girl should say: It must be wonderful to live and grow old. Look at my mother, how rich and still she is!

Alfred Prufrock in T. Here are ten of the very finest poems about ageing, from the age of Shakespeare to the current century. William Shakespeare, Sonnet If we can but remain young in mind, then we are young, no matter that our bodies may be growing older. It is a strange feeling about those who are taken young that while we are getting old and dusty they are just as they were. Arnold treats the subject of ageing in this poem, published in when he was in his mid-forties.

Poems about Growing Old

William Shakespeare, Sonnet This thou perceivest, which makes thy love more strong, To love that well which thou must leave ere long. Summary: This is the third of four consecutive sonnets about ageing.

An elderly woman's poem about getting older has captured the hearts of thousands. She says that a person's appearance and the way they look as they age is just their "gift wrap", and it's the "jewel" inside that really counts. In the video above, Wanda recounts her poem and, towards the end when she talks about facing death, her voice wavers and she begins to get teary eyed. It has since been viewed more than 4. The year-old's son David Goines told The Huffington Post that their family was thrilled the video had gone viral and Wanda's poem had been shared. He said: "She is not long for this earth, and it delights her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, as well as all those who know her and love her, that she is able to make a contribution to the world, even as she is leaving it. Here's the poem in all of its glory.

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