Rap about beowulf and grendel

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rap about beowulf and grendel

Beowulf With Related Readings by Burton Raffel

Before Reading Beowulf
I have to read this for my AP Lit summer homework and I really dont want to read it. Its just not something I can enjoy. Ugh!

After Reading Beowulf
Yep. Yep. I am not being dramatic, I promise.

I expected to hate this book, and I was right. It was a totally MISERABLE read. I could not wait to be finished with it. I dreaded starting this book and if it wasnt required reading for my AP Lit class, I would have DNFd it right away.

No female, no matter how fierce, could have come with a mans strength, fought with the power and courage men fight with... (Lines 1282-1284)

First, I get that its old. Really, really old. So old theres no known author, but I was so frustrated with the way women were treated and spoken of. I get that thats how things were, but that doesnt mean I cant be upset by it. And I was. And, in all honestly, Grendels mother was pretty fierce and despite her being the bad guy, I liked her more than Beowulf.

And how great a sin for a women, whether fair or black, to create fear and destruction, for a women, who should walk in the ways of peace... (Lines 1940-1944)


Of course, I totally hated Beowulf.  All he wanted was fame, and I just wasnt down with that. And come on, did they really have to go on and on and on about how heroic he is? I got it the first time, thanks.

I may not have appreciated the book the way others do, and I dont care. I just do not like this book. I dont care what historic value it has or how important it is to literature. Not.my.type.of.book. Not something I would ever enjoy.

Unfortunately, I have to study and prepare to be tested in on it next month. Yikes. (This is probably the angstiest and most ranty book review Ive ever written.)


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Epic Rap Battle Beowulf vs Grendel

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Ruminations on reading, writing, rural living, retirement, aging—and sometimes cats. And maybe a border collie or other critters. I'm an elderly retired teacher who writes. View my complete profile. I was going through an old filing cabinet and found something that gave me flashbacks to my English-teaching days—a rap I wrote in so my 8th graders would understand Beowulf better.

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