Amazing facts about queen victoria

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amazing facts about queen victoria

101 Amazing Facts about Queen Victoria by Jack Goldstein

Did you know that Queen Victoria could speak five different languages? Or that her closest childhood friend was a King Charles spaniel by the name of Dash? What did she ask staff to do instead of knocking on her door? And how did she deliberately annoy Prime Minister William Gladstone?

All of these facts and more can be found in this fantastic guide to the long-reigning monarch and Empress of India. This book is perfect for those studying Queen Victoria at school, or even for those who are just interested in learning more about one of history’s most fascinating figures.
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Queen Victoria

7 things you (probably) didn’t know about Queen Victoria

Gary Pullman , Updated June 7, Today, not much is known about her except to historians. In fact, her popular image is little more than a caricature. She is often seen as a rigidly prim and proper, somewhat cold and distant monarch. But this image conflicts sharply with her strong passions, which we will reveal to you today. Beginning in at age 13, the girl who would be crowned Queen Victoria kept a journal.

She was one of the longest reigning monarchs in the British history till the time Queen Elizabeth II surpassed her on Sep 10, Here are some interesting facts about Queen Victoria:. Born with a silver spoon! Source: biography. The royal daughter of a single mother. Source: primaryhomeworkhelp. Named after her grandparents!

2. She was the first member of the Royal family to live at Buckingham Palace.

She was accompanied everywhere by governesses and slept in the same room as her mother until the day she became queen. Albert and his brother Ernest came to Kensington in the spring of

Discover the little-known secrets of one of Britain's most influential royals. Queen Victoria is widely regarded as one of the most important figures in British history. She even has an entire era named after her. But what do the history books not tell you about the Queen? We've compiled some rather intriguing facts you might not know about. Victoria was born fifth in line to the throne, making it unlikely she would ever become queen. With more royal deaths than in most seasons of Game of Thrones , Victoria ended up being crowned not long after her 18th birthday.

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  1. Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and Ireland, as she was officially known, lived a both tragic and fascinating life that has prompted her to.

  2. Pop on your history hats as we learn about one of Britain's most famous historical figures – Queen Victoria! Here you'll find our top ten facts about Queen Victoria.

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