Forgiveness is not about the other person

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forgiveness is not about the other person

Quote by William P. Young: “Forgiveness is not about forgetting. It is abou...”

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Published 09.12.2018

How to Forgive When it Hurts

6 Myths About Forgiveness

You forgive, not to anoint the other party with something but to release you to move on and evolve beyond it. We also fear being vulnerable by putting ourselves out there again and putting ourselves back together. You might be trying to right the wrongs of the past in some way. Part of our reluctance to let go and forgive is about our relationship with ourselves. It often feels easier to keep telling the stories while berating us in the process. Or to almost feel righteous about how wrong the other person is.

It is way more than this. It is making yourself feel more positive. Think of a person in your life who cannot forgive, be it a friend, family member or perhaps you. Are they at peace? Are they content with their lives? Are they hurting themselves further as a result of not being able to release the past?

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You thought you could count on them. You thought you could trust them.

A relationship ends and you feel angry, hurt, even betrayed. A friend does not remember an important occasion in your personal or family life, and consequently does not ask you about it and share your joy. A colleague makes a scheduling mistake and, for the second time, stands you up for lunch. How do you maintain your inner peace? How do you cleanse and release the negative feelings that may now be residing, perhaps even growing, inside you? How do you restore the lost trust, harmony, and good will in your relationship with the other person?

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