Quotes about beauty of kaaba

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quotes about beauty of kaaba

Mecca Quotes (8 quotes)

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Published 05.12.2018

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Mecca Quotes

It's a lifetime experience for every Muslim in world to see Holy Kaaba. No Muslim could ever ask My last visit to Kaaba was back in Then, in I've got another chance to visit this Holy This is one thing in the world I have seen which is absolutely stunning and unique. The more I see the more I want to see.

Each year, Muslims travel to Mecca, Saudi Arabia during Dhu al-Hijjah, the last month of the Islamic calendar, to perform a series of rituals that follow in the footsteps of the prophet Muhammad, who completed his first and only hajj in CE. In its entirety, hajj is meant to be a journey, and in several senses—beyond the thousands of miles many traverse to get there—it is.
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The Kaaba with its cubic form is the most sacred place of the Muslims. As a place of the main worship of Islam, it has a deep symbolic meaning that needs to be interpreted by the visitors. The Kaaba is the place which is considered the most sacred of all places by all the Muslims around the world. Mecca plays an exceptional role for the human life on the earth. This place, which was chosen for the first construction of man, is interesting in terms of both its climate and geographical position. It is thought-provoking as well as edifying that the arid and barren Valley of Tears in the middle of the desert in the Hejaz area was chosen as the location for the Kaaba, instead of one of the many places on earth where many beauties can be seen and which have wonderful nature, climate, flora and ecology.

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  1. Explore 59 Mecca Quotes by authors including Malcolm X, Joni Mitchell, and I' d love to go and visit the Mosque in Mecca again, just for the sheer beauty of it.

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