Best books about college life

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best books about college life

Popular College Life Books

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Published 08.12.2018

5 Books EVERY Student Should Read That Will Change Your Life

College, on one hand, is a completely different world.
Jamie McGuire

16 Books Set in College, Full of Endless Possibility

Skip navigation! A college campus is many things: Stimulating, picturesque, teeming with intelligent life. The real world. In this way, the college campus is the perfect place to set a novel. Within the confines of the ivory tower, characters get into situations that might not exist in the outside world.

But each one of them has helped someone change their thinking and the direction of their life in an important way. Get it on Amazon. Read my notes. It remains one of the best books on how to re-think work in the information age, and to break down the intimidating walls of entrepreneurship. Nat Chat Episode. If you want an in-depth guide to learning new skills beyond the classroom, this is one of the best books you can find.

Mastery by Robert Greene

I really envy all the kids heading to college this fall. Independence, new friends, no parental supervision—just 15 hours of classes per week, afternoon naps, and all the bad cable TV you can watch., Throughout history, college has served not only as preparation for professional life, but also as a period of intense personal growth.

Ahhhh, college life. Nevertheless, most of us would not change our college experiences, and many graduates would do anything to take them back to their college dorms, their hot plate, mini-fridge and all-nighters in the library. Well, this story follows the life of an English major who struggles to decide between two lovers. Throughout this novel, Elif Batuman approaches every single aspect of college life, following Selin in the emotionally and intellectually stimulating world of college. We learn of her struggles, her home life, her Turkish roots, and her crush on the hunky math major…. The Secret History is a book that perfectly balances the partying and the excess of college life with the intellectual stimulation of college classes. This book follows the life of Richard — who transfers to Hampden College.

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