The last time i ll write about you quotes

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the last time i ll write about you quotes

The Last Time Ill Write About You by Dawn Lanuza

Im a huge fan of Dawn Lanuza and I inhale her books like crack, but for some reason, I still struggle when Im reviewing her books. Probably because Im finding it hard to put my ~feels~ into words. I think a lot of reviewers are with me on this. But Ill try to summon all the words I can get to show how I adore this book.


If you have been following me or my blog, youll know that I have read and reviewed Dawn Lanuzas previous books here on the blog and I loved every one of them. Thats why I was so excited when I found out that she has a new book AND that it will be a collection of poems. So first off, I just want to say how proud I am of the author for venturing out of the usual genre she writes.

I didnt finish TLTIWAY right away and I did that on purpose. Every line hits me. The book is about the stages of a relationship and its amazing how youll relate in every poem. This book comes with honest feelings about adoration, hurt and moving on. In short, its for every kind of reader who have been there and going through it. If youre that person, let this book help in healing you.

Half a star deducted because Im looking for one thing that I cant figure out what and its really frustrating me because I cant explain what that one thing is. 

But even with that, I have nothing more to say about TLTIWAY other than its beautifully written. With beautiful art. And that its beautifully haunting. It hits home, heart break, pain, longing, lost love. Its real, its raw, its relatable.  It feels like a secret you dont want to share but at the same time you want everyone to know. The words linger, and thats truly the most important gift a book can ever give you. I highly recommend picking up a copy--it will stay with you for days, if not years. But one piece of advice. Read it slowly. Highlight passages. Bookmark them, write them on your hands, muse about how closely they relate to your life. Then read it again.

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The Last Time I'll Write About You

Honestly, this was more of an unfamiliar territory for me and for the most part, I like swimming through this kind of stuff BUT I can't really say it hits "right in the feels". This book for me is flavored in contrasting tastes. I liked the segmented and offbeat rhythm the poems have but sometimes it comes off bland and troublesome. The words, however, are cut raw in the flesh of the pages unfiltered and edgy. I think that's the magi. I think that's the magical material that keeps this book intact. But aside from that, I was actually surprised that this was written by a Filipina haha!

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