What does our response to conflict say about us

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what does our response to conflict say about us

Conflict Quotes (798 quotes)

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Published 07.12.2018

The Fight Flight Freeze Response

Three Responses To Conflict

Our stated topic this month is responding to conflict. It was carefully chosen. Conflict comes with purpose. Consider the piston of an engine or the wheel of a car. As they do their job, they interact with other engine parts or with the axle and the road.

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When we respond to the challenges of life-including our conflict situations-we take responsibility for our role in the situation, we are in tune with what we are feeling and why, and our thoughts, words and behaviors are conscious of the bigger picture. We use an unconscious template for reaction that seeks acknowledgement, justice, restoration, and even revenge. One of the reasons that it is so hard to be responsive is that we experience and are typically exposed to unproductive conflict scripts from the time of our birth. Our earliest lessons come from the approach our parents take to their own conflict, our experience of how our parents deal with us, and as we grow up, through our interactions with siblings, friends, colleagues, teachers and bosses. It is as if we revert to our childhood mentality when we are triggered.

Conflict can result when people have differences in opinions, beliefs, and thinking. It can occur with coworkers and supervisors in the workplace and with family and friends in your personal life. Conflict is an uncomfortable yet natural part of life. However, when conflict is not dealt with effectively, it can result in personal attacks, deadlock, and unproductive behavior. Learning how to successfully address conflict is a worthwhile endeavor that can benefit you for a lifetime.

In addition to the behaviour reactions summarised by the various conflict styles, we have emotional, perceptive and physical responses to conflict. We can gain greater comprehension about the true source of threat by understanding our views, approaches and physical responses to conflict; we may even begin to appreciate potential solutions to the situation. These emotional responses are often misinterpreted; many people believe that others feel the same as they do. Consequently, different emotional responses are unclear and, can be misinterpreted. Each of us has a cognitive response to conflict. Who does he think he is! How rude!

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  1. In my work with clients of all kinds, I have noticed five basic types of people when it comes to responding to conflict.

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