Fun facts about the secret service

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fun facts about the secret service

In the Presidents Secret Service: Behind the Scenes with Agents in the Line of Fire and the Presidents They Protect by Ronald Kessler

Never before has a journalist penetrated the wall of secrecy that surrounds the U.S. Secret Service, that elite corps of agents who pledge to take a bullet to protect the president and his family. After conducting exclusive interviews with more than one hundred current and former Secret Service agents, bestselling author and award-winning reporter Ronald Kessler reveals their secrets for the first time.

Secret Service agents, acting as human surveillance cameras, observe everything that goes on behind the scenes in the president’s inner circle. Kessler reveals what they have seen, providing startling, previously untold stories about the presidents, from John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson to George W. Bush and Barack Obama, as well as about their families, Cabinet officers, and White House aides.

Kessler portrays the dangers that agents face and how they carry out their missions–from how they are trained to how they spot and assess potential threats. With fly-on-the-wall perspective, he captures the drama and tension that characterize agents’ lives.

In this headline-grabbing book, Kessler discloses assassination attempts that have never before been revealed. He shares inside accounts of past assaults that have put the Secret Service to the test, including a heroic gun battle that took down the would-be assassins of Harry S. Truman, the devastating day that John F. Kennedy was killed in Dallas, and the swift actions that saved Ronald Reagan after he was shot.

While Secret Service agents are brave and dedicated, Kessler exposes how Secret Service management in recent years has betrayed its mission by cutting corners, risking the assassination of President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and their families. Given the lax standards, “It’s a miracle we have not had a successful assassination,” a current agent says.

Since an assassination jeopardizes democracy itself, few agencies are as important as the Secret Service–nor is any other subject as tantalizing as the inner sanctum of the White House. Only tight-lipped Secret Service agents know the real story, and Ronald Kessler is the only journalist to have won their trust.
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Top 5 Fascinating Secret Service Facts

21 Amazing Little-Known Facts About the Secret Service. 0 Before any important event, the Secret Service envisages and rehearses all possible scenarios of.
Ronald Kessler

Secret Service Fast Facts

All presidents and first ladies have Secret Service protection for life, and further that any children of former presidents get Secret Service protection until they turn John F. Part of the reason why the Allied Secret Services could fool the Nazis many times is that the deputy head of the German Abwehr, Hans Oster, actively sabotaged the Nazi war effort. The French Secret Service planted mines on a Greenpeace ship, sinking it and killing one person. Lyndon B. Johnson, 36th U.

Well, they are the American Secret Service agents. Looking at them makes you feel like witnessing a Hollywood movie scene. Just like a number of high-profile public figures around the world have bodyguards, not to miss celebrities and socialites, the American Secret Service is believed to top them all. The United States Secret Service is cloaked in mystery and myths. The Secret Service does not just guard the presidents but also their family, former presidents and their respective families too. Agents do not get to operate on the field unless they have worked at the office for four to seven years. They need to go through extremely tough training if they want to face challenging tasks.

With a new president and commander-in-chief leading the United States of America into the future, the Secret Service of the new president has recently been in the news. While a number of high-profile public figures around the world have bodyguards, including celebrities and socialites, the American Secret Service is said to be the best of the best. The sole purpose of the Secret Service is to keep the President safe by being vigilant and dedicated. Every organization has to have a beginning, for the Secret Service, this was the very day President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth on April 14, On this day, President Lincoln signed a legislation that would be the foundation of the Secret Service, which was one of his last official acts as the President. Later on, it was found that the Secret Service did not pursue the investigation into Eminem as a viable threat to the President. Being the First Daughter of the President can be daunting and stressful, especially when there is Secret Service personal that, most normal people would call as to having personal boundary issue, as it comes with the job.

CNN Here is some background information about the Secret Service, a federal agency tasked with protecting the president of the United States, among many other responsibilities.
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#1. It’s not just about the president’s security.

Obviously, they like to keep most aspects of their job, well, a secret. However, a few former agents and other White House insiders have also spilled some unexpected details about the organization. Ronald also revealed that although agents are aware of the possibility of standing between a bullet and the President, they never actually swear to give their life in the line of duty.

In , after the assassination of President William McKinley, Congress extended their duties to involve the protection of the president. We spoke with former agent Tim Wood, along with journalists Ronald Kessler and Jeffrey Robinson all authors of books about the Secret Service , to learn more about how the agency insulates the leader of the free world from harm, the sometimes surprisingly low-tech anti-threat tactics they use, and how the Oval Office can safely order a pizza. Although thousands of agents are employed by the Secret Service, only a small number are assigned to the Presidential Protection Division PPD , the branch of the agency responsible for guarding the lives of the commander in chief and their family. The focus on emergency medicine training helped save Ronald Reagan's life during a assassination attempt. After being shot, Reagan thought he had suffered only a minor rib injury, and the plan was to take him to the White House, considered the safest place in the capital. But in the president's limo, Agent Jerry Parr noticed frothy red blood coming from Reagan's mouth—a sign he had been bleeding from the lungs.

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  1. Most of us are aware of the existence of the Secret Service—the government agency best known for providing security detail for the President of the United States.

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