Dreams about the sea and waves

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dreams about the sea and waves

Waves Quotes (176 quotes)

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#7 Dream about waves - Meaning and Interpretation

Like water, waves in dreams often symbolize your emotions. They also may Dreaming about big sea waves almost drowning you. If you had a dream in which .

12 Dreams About Waves – Meaning & Interpretation

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Dreams about water are considered bizarre and if they are violent, they can be very unsettling. The state of the water in your dream tells a lot about your waking life, the emotions you might experience currently or will experience in the future. Dark or muddy water might indicate negativity such as illness, misery or some kind of emotional disturbance. Calm and soft flowing water might indicate tranquility, success, unending potential and contentment in your life. The state of the waves in your dream might be an indication of secrets, emotions, threats, new opportunities, incidents that might happen to you soon and so on.

Dreams about hearing the sound of waves

The power of water element has been fascinating human world since ancient past. Vast water spaces, such as seas and oceans, impress us by their grandiose appearance, their size and unpredictable nature. Even in modern times, when our technologies give us possibility to see far into water depths and to examine the tiniest particles that compose the element of water, we are still helpless before the power of water itself. We try to conquer it by building dams and bridges and else, but waters are still far more powerful than we are. Since water is one of the four major elements that constitute our world, it is natural to assume that dreams about water are particularly meaningful and precious.

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