Shit i was right about

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shit i was right about

Shit Quotes (150 quotes)

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Published 06.12.2018

Shit Tests: Why they’re a good thing and how to pass them

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Shit Quotes

Happy Sunday! Today was a long fun! The Hustle Behind Hustlers , Vulture. Is Succession a Comedy? Sign up to receive these links each week in an email. This was an unexpectedly busy week for me, which is why it was a bit quiet around these parts! I wrote about dealing with work burnout and establishing work-life balance for The Highlight by Vox.

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This amusing notebook is the perfect place to record all of the shit you have been right about. Sure to give you an ego boost whenever you read.
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Top definition. Good weed 2. Highly potent weed chronic 3. Good stuff usually referring to weed 4. Something awesome to the maxx. That is my favorite dank shit man. Aw I hit that dank shit and I was gone.

How about you? WARNING: All of these following words and expressions could be considered offensive and very rude depending on how you say them, and who you say them to. When referring to a person, a piece of shit is someone who has no morals and takes advantage of someone. A person who manipulates situations in order to cause problems, or arguments, amongst other people. This expression is commonly used to say that a person is always telling lies and over exaggerates stories.

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  1. Shit I Was Right About: Blank Lined Journal [Active Creative Journals] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Are you looking for a funny gift for.

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