Interesting facts about simon bolivar

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interesting facts about simon bolivar

Simón Bolívar: A Life by John Lynch

Simón Bolívar was a revolutionary who freed six countries, an intellectual who argued the principles of national liberation, and a general who fought a cruel colonial war. His life, passions, battles, and great victories became embedded in Spanish American culture almost as soon as they happened. This is the first major English-language biography of “The Liberator” in half a century. John Lynch draws on extensive research on the man and his era to tell Bolívar’s story, to understand his life in the context of his own society and times, and to explore his remarkable and enduring legacy.

The book illuminates the inner world of Bolívar, the dynamics of his leadership, his power to command, and his modes of ruling the diverse peoples of Spanish America. The key to his greatness, Lynch concludes, was supreme will power and an ability to inspire people to follow him beyond their immediate interests, in some cases through years of unremitting struggle. Encompassing Bolívar’s entire life and his many accomplishments, this is the definitive account of a towering figure in the history of the Western hemisphere.  

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Latin American Revolutions: Crash Course World History #31

Take a look below for 30 more interesting and fascinating facts about Simon Bolivar. 1. Bolivar was born into a wealthy, aristocratic Creole.
John Lynch

6 Reasons Simon Bolivar Is More Badass Than You Think

After France invaded Spain in , he became involved in the resistance movement and played a key role in the Spanish American fight for independence. In , the "Republic of Bolivia" was created in honor of the inspirational leader, hailed by many as El Libertador The Liberator. He died on December 17, in Colombia. The fight for control of Caracas, Venezuela and most of South American continued on back home. There he wrote his famous "Letter From Jamaica," detailing his vision of a South American republic with a parliamentary setup modeled after England and a life-long president.

Colombian Republic

Called the Liberator, he was the greatest military figure of South America. - He was president of Gran Colombia —30 and dictator of Peru — The country of Bolivia is named for him.

Known as El Libertador The Liberator , Simon Bolivar was a Venezuelan military and political leader who is renowned for playing the leading role in many Latin American countries achieving independence. Born in a wealthy aristocratic family, Bolivar lost his parents when he was young. He married at the young age of 18 but lost his wife to disease within a year, an event which proved to be a turning point in his life and pushed him toward the independence movements taking place in South America. Though Bolivar was able to establish Gran Colombia ; which included the territories of present-day Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama and Peru; his dream of a united South America ultimately failed with its regions becoming sovereign states. Know about the family, life, military career and death of Simon Bolivar through these 10 interesting facts. His father was a militia colonel. The Bolivar family was a wealthy, aristocratic family with Spanish ancestry, which had settled in Venezuela in the 16th century.

Biography Summary: Simon Bolivar - was famous for being a revolutionary and political leader. Bolivar was a complex man. A man who loved his country and wish only to see his country independent of Spain. He had been born into a Creole family of aristocrats, educated in Europe he arrived in Spain at sixteen years of age where he became acquainted with the Enlightenment philosophers who instilled the seeds of a yearning for independence for his country from Spanish rule. He was able to take advantage of Spain's preoccupation with the Peninsular War to start his own campaign which culminated in the Battle of Carabobo and the victory won by the patriots finally succeeding in making Venezuela an independent country. The following short biography and fact sheet provides interesting facts about the life, times and history of Simon Bolivar.

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  1. Known as El Libertador (The Liberator), Simon Bolivar was a Venezuelan military and political leader who is renowned for playing the leading role in many Latin American countries achieving independence. Know about the family, life, military career and death of Simon Bolivar.

  2. -Simon Bolivar's whole name is, Simón José Antonio de la Santísima Trinidad Bolívar Palacios y Blanco! He was known as "El Libertador" (The Liberator).

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