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My life and struggle; autobiography of Badshah Khan by Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan

I read this book both in Urdu and Pashto and if you can read Pashto script then I will suggest you to read it in Pashto language . the reason is Urdu translation is oversimplified and hence lack continuity in text .
this too was my first Pashto read and I loved it. it was like listening to my elders. Bacha khan baba had a way of explaining complex and taboo topics in the most convincing way . its not just his biography rather he discussed almost every aspect of our culture . he criticized outdated and unnecessary traditions weather its birth of children , marriages , death, religious occasions and so on . the best thing is this wasnt just verbal criticism instead he practically stood for his ideals .
every one refer bacha khan as a preacher of nonviolence but his services for spreading education among most backward people (Pashtuns) by opening schools through out the province is what I am most inspired of .

I would recommend this book to all those fed up with state propaganda calling him ghaddar (traitor) . read it with an open mind . you may disagree with his political ideas but you cant deny his social services .
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“सीमान्त गांधी”- ख़ान अब्दुल ग़फ़्फ़ार ख़ान - Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan

He was a Pakhtun or Pathan from the North West Frontier Province, now called Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, where people are said to still subscribe to the code of revenge. Yet Frontier Gandhi, as Ghaffar Khan was popularly known, led a non-violent movement against the British in the province, his followers refusing to retaliate even as they were mowed down.
Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan

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We use cookies to improve our service for you. You can find more information in our data protection declaration. Khan and Gandhi were united in the fight for independence against the British rulers. Many people described Khan as the 'Muslim Gandhi. Khan, who was well over six feet tall and weighed more than kilos, seemed to overshadow the small, thin Gandhi.

Abdul Ghaffār Khān (6 February – 20 January ), nicknamed Fakhr-e- Afghan, lit. .. from Wikisource; Resources from Wikiversity. Interview with Bacha Khan; Baacha Khan Trust · Columbia University pictures · Photograph Collection .
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Jump to navigation. Abdul Gaffar Khan: Favouring the Russian presence The legend still lives, but it is rapidly fading, and so is the man. The frail and wasted body, however, still holds traces of the fierce independence that gave Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, 91, the title of the "Frontier Gandhi. He is awaiting permission to fly to India to be treated by Dr Balu Sankaran, director general of Health Services, his doctor since There's concern among your admirers, and others as well, about your health and whether or not you're receiving proper medical attention? The Taraki government had said it would send me to Russia. But they said the Russians wanted me to first get a Pakistani passport.

A deadly extremist attack on northwest Pakistan's Bacha Khan University contrasts starkly with the nonviolent methods employed by the Pashtun activist for whom the university is named. Focusing on frontier regions of what is today northwest Pakistan, he eschewed violence and advocated peaceful means of protest against British rule. The Muslim activist's work earned him the moniker "Frontier Gandhi" -- a nod to his Hindu counterpart and close friend Mahatma Gandhi. Almost everybody in the United States and Europe has seen the movies about Gandhi and the role he played in the nonviolence movement and then as an inspiration for Martin Luther King and others. His host then told him the story of the independence activist and his importance in the Pashtun community. The son of a feudal lord, Bacha Khan advocated for social justice, including land reforms, from an early age. In , he founded his seminal Khudai Khidmatgar, or Servants of God movement, to push for Pashtun rights and against British rule.

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