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marie van brittan brown parents

Awesome Achievers in Technology: Super and Strange Facts about 12 Almost Famous History Makers by Alan Katz

Part of a super fun middle grade series, Awesome Achievers in Technology puts the spotlight on lesser-known heroes and their contributions in tech.

Everyone has heard the name Steve Jobs, but what about Nolan Bushnell--Jobss boss before the invention of Apple, and the founder of the first major video game, Pong? Many of the most relevant figures in tech history have remained in the shadows, but not any longer! From Alan Katzs new Awesome Achievers series, Awesome Achievers in Technology gives kids a look behind the scenes at 12 lesser-known inventors whose contributions to tech are personally relevant to their lives today. Each figure is given a traditional biography but is also subject to Katzs unique brand of silliness, with humorous elements such as imagined poems, song lyrics, and diary entries by and about the not-so-famous figure accompanying each bio.

Spot illustrations throughout add to the lighthearted and appreciative humor each figure receives. Reluctant readers and budding tech enthusiasts alike will delight in this imaginative and engaging introduction to a new series of laugh out loud biographies.
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Marie Van Brittan Brown: Inventor - 7 Days Of Genius - MSNBC

This African American woman invented your home security system

Search Submit. Marie Van Brittan Brown, an African-American inventor in teamed up with her husband to devise the home security system. The closed-circuit security system monitored visitors via camera and projected their images onto a television monitor. If the homeowner was concerned about the person at the door, there was a panic button that could be pushed to contact the police immediately. Support Pan-African Journalism Subscribe. Anything the camera picked up would appear on a monitor. A radio-controlled wireless system would transfer the image to a monitor, or set of monitors, placed anywhere in the house.

M arie Van Brittan Brown felt uneasy in her neighborhood and the police were unreliable. So, she took matters in her own hands and patented the modern home security system. Over 50 years later, the technology is installed in millions of homes and offices worldwide. Her husband, Albert Brown, an electronics technician, was away many nights. Crime in their neighborhood was high, and police were often slow to respond to emergency calls.

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In honor of Black History Month, Broadband and Social Justice will feature African Americans, companies, and others from past and present who have made extraordinary achievements in entrepreneurship, social justice, and advocacy in media, telecommunications, or technology within the nation and around the world. Marie Van Brittan Brown Marie Van Brittan Brown is the inventor of closed circuit television, the technology that affords millions of people around the world — from homes to convenience stores — with the comfort of security surveillance systems. Marie Brown, a nurse, often worked odd hours and found herself home alone in an increasingly crime-ridden neighborhood. Seeing a need, Marie and her husband, electronics technician Albert Brown, worked to fix it. By , the two had patented an entirely new device that incorporated several innovative ideas for the time, including an intercom and remote entry system.

Marie Van Brittan Brown was the inventor of the first home security system. Her father was born in Massachusetts and her mother was from Pennsylvania. The patent for the invention was filed in , and it later influenced modern home security systems that we still use today. Marie Brown worked as a nurse and her husband, Albert Brown, worked as an electronics technician. Their work hours were not the standard , and the crime rate in their Queens, New York City neighborhood was very high. Even when the police were contacted in the event of an emergency, the response time tended to be slow.

She was an African American nurse and inventor. She applied for a patent along with her husband Albert Brown in for a closed circuit television security system. They created a system for a motorized camera to show images on a monitor. The patent, 3,, was granted. Her devise was the forerunner to the modern home security system.

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