Mike golic is an idiot

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mike golic is an idiot

Why My Wife Thinks Im an Idiot: The Life and Times of a Sportscaster Dad by Mike Greenberg

Meet Mike Greenberg, the popular host of ESPN Radio’s Mike and Mike in the Morning, the highest-rated drive-time sports talk show on the dial. To his three-million-plus listeners, Greeny is the guy who’s equally as comfortable dissecting zone defenses as he is discussing cashmere sweaters. He’s been to Super Bowls and World Series, All-Star Games and Final Fours. He’s interviewed Michael Jordan, Joe Montana, and Wayne Gretzky. He gets paid to enthuse about sports, which means he’s the envy of most men in America.
This is the hilarious, sometimes touching, and endlessly entertaining debut of one of America’s fastest-rising sportscasters, a wry and revealing look at one man’s good-hearted but mistake-prone attempt to grow up before his children do. Marriage, fatherhood, manhood, fame, athletes, crazed aunts with gambling problems, the true significance of sports, the worst possible thing to say in a room full of pregnant women–no topic is beyond his reach. But don’t take our word on it, read what Greeny has to say about:
• Dating: “People who reminisce fondly about dating are blocking out all the disasters and focusing only on the few great nights. If that is all you choose to remember, fine. But be aware that no experience is without good moments. I’m sure during the sacking of Rome there were a few decent nights; maybe they put on a play.”
• Life on the road:
“Wife + television = no sleep.”
“No wife + no television = no sleep.”
“Wife + no television = sleep.”
“No wife + television = porn.”
• Keeping things in perspective: “Never assume you know more than the guy in the camouflage tux.”
• And, of course, marriage: “All of us are married to women who think we’re idiots.”
Whether he’s talking trash on the radio or talking dirty diapers over a fancy dinner, Greeny’s determined to reconcile two halves of a whole. So if your enthusiasm has ever been curbed, or you’re feeling remote without the remote, or you’re just wondering what exactly goes on in a guy’s brain, Why My Wife Thinks I’m an Idiot will be a source of comfort and unadulterated laughter.

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Tyreek Hill audio sickening to Mike Golic: 'At some point, draw the damn line' - Golic & Wingo

By Hannah Withiam. Being upfront with each other during those months in the spotlight, Golic said, was the key to overcoming the swirling negativity. And the bottom line is we still need to put on a good show no matter how either one of us felt about it at the time or the decision that was made.
Mike Greenberg

Mike Golic’s Son Ripped ESPN On Twitter, Then Realized His Dad And Brother Got A Show

On espn this morning mike golic says jh has to start winning or "they" will get sick of him. He was referencing osu but also the big ten championships as well. Then herbstreit chimed in as the voice of reason explaining how far coach has taken the Michigan program! I love jim Harbaugh and I am sick of the media telling "us" how "we" feel. He has been awesome and I believe there is no better man to be the head coach of this program!!!!! He was and still is the number 1 option.

Remember Me? Forum Terms of Service Advanced Search. The login process has recently changed! Please login using Email Address and Password. Page 2 of 4 First 1 2 3 4 Last Jump to page: Results 11 to 20 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. That way you still keep the DI part of it.

Our search include 13 different co-hosts that auditioned. He was a fill-in when we didn't have a real candidate for the show. My wife would listen to the candidates and after the first break she would say this guy is horrible or this guy was pretty good. After the first segment with Greenie, she told me he sounded kind of geeky but that he was the one. We couldn't be any more opposite but she said there was a chemistry there. We literally started in one market in Chicago.

Receiver Chad Ochocinco, the possible manic-depressive who currently finds himself in an extended state of hypomania, has followed up his vow that the Bengals will return to the playoffs by expressing an interest in beating the NutriSystem out of Mike Golic. Our money would be on Golic. Ochostinko would get his ass kicked!
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  1. @espngolic You racist you're only taking the pitchers side because he's a Trump supporter and the catcher Is a Latino. Shame On You.

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