Mad river road joy fielding

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mad river road joy fielding

Mad River Road by Joy Fielding

New York Times bestselling author
puts suspense into high gear, taking readers on a seductively twisting thrill ride into the heart of danger and desire -- to a place where nothing is as it seems.

She found the perfect lover. . . . Jamie Kelloggs life is at a crossroads. Stuck in a dead-end job, the divorced twenty-nine-year-old has been ruled by the voices of her judgmental mother and her perfectionist sister long enough. Now shes hearing only the sexy whispers of the thrillingly handsome stranger in her bed, the man she met in a Florida bar. His name is Brad Fisher, and hes telling her everything shes been dying to hear: Shes gorgeous. Shes smart. Shes adventurous. Quitting her job and joining Brad on a spontaneous road trip, Jamies ready for the ride of her life. But this trip has one destination: a run-down Ohio house on Mad River Road, where vengeance will come home at last -- and where someone will pay for the secrets and lies of the past. . . .
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Published 19.12.2018

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Joy Fielding

Mad River Road

In the nail-biting 18th suspense novel from Fielding Puppet , a trio of women trapped in a web of lies, danger and self-revelation must confront their deepest fears. Lily and Emma, each a young mother with an adorable young son, are carving out new lives in a depressing Dayton, Ohio, neighborhood that caters to single mothers, while Jamie, in Florida, is a year-old single dealing with the recent death of her mother and an affair with a married man who's been hospitalized. Both Lily, an aspiring writer, and Emma, a compulsive liar and shoplifter, struggle to recover from tragedies that led both to assume new names. When a sexy but dangerous man Jamie meets in a bar persuades her to quit her job and escape her perfectionist sister, the pretty but insecure blonde winds up on a wild road trip to Ohio that will inextricably link her fate with that of Lily and Emma. Packed with breathless twists and turns, Fielding's latest set of women in jeopardy excite and delight. View Full Version of PW. More By and About This Author.

Mad River Road book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. New York Times bestselling authorJOY FIELDING puts suspense into.
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Mad River Road by Fielding, Joy. Mad River Road by Joy Fielding. I have been a fan of Joy Fielding since Grand Avenue but her last two books have been a let down to me. I read this one in a day. Mad River Road opens with a man in Florida breaking into a womans house for two reasons.

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