Psychology of lying in romantic relationships

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psychology of lying in romantic relationships

Deception Quotes (661 quotes)

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Published 19.12.2018

7 Red flags in a Relationship - Secrecy, Lies, Deception and More!

The surprising research on deception in relationships. Posted Apr Tim Cole, " Lying to the One You Love: The Use of Deception in Romantic.

Can Lying Affect the Intimacy of a Relationship?

Despite this, there are many individuals who are prepared to spin works of fiction to their friends, family, and partners — all with seemingly little difficulty. But what is the truth about lying? What harm does it really cause? Here we examine just 8 of the many ways in which lying is poisonous to relationships of all kinds. Lies Erode Trust Perhaps the most obvious impact that lying has on a relationship is the erosion of trust one person has in the other. Lies and trust cannot easily coexist; eventually the former will destroy the latter.


We know that honesty is the best policy in all relationships. In healthy romantic relationships, partners directly discuss their desires, thoughts and feelings. They share private information. Revealing ourselves to our partner breeds intimacy, and honesty strengthens our connection. White lies are actually extremely common in healthy relationships, according to Susan Orenstein, Ph. D, a licensed psychologist and relationship expert in Cary, N. In fact, she said, sometimes, a white lie is just being kind.

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