Alice in wonderland script act 2

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alice in wonderland script act 2

Alice in Wonderland by Joan Collins

I enjoyed this little tale a lot!

When I was a young girl, Alice in Wonderland was probably my favourite modern fairy tale. I watched so many adaptions, from really old Disney cartoons to the modern Tim Burton adaption with my favourite actress Helena Bonham Carter, and I even participated in a play that was based on Alice in Wonderland.
However, to this day, I have never read the actual book by Lewis Carrol. I only knew the plot from the movie adaptions and the theatre script, and was amazed to find out how much they all left out.

Alice in Wonderland is so, so much more than the Mad Hatter, the March Hare and the Cheshire Cat. That is what I found out, after all of these years, and Im so glad I decided to read the book for elsewise I wouldve never known these grandious characters.

Now, especially in the Tim Burton Movie they added a lot of the sequel, Through the looking glass and what Alice found there, into the movie and left out lot of characters that might have been so minor, but they were so lovely in the actual tale!

I adored the pigeon that was looking for serpents and mistook Alice as one, the sad, sad Mock Turtle and the cute, sleepy little dormouse. I might also be slightly biased because I adooore pigeons and turtles, but really, they were great characters. And so was the duchess with her morals, that would have been something I would have certainly missed out on.

The writing style was OK Id say. I mean I dont know whether it was good for the standards of that time, but I found it to be a little too descriptive, although there werent too many unnecessary descriptions in the book. The dialogues and the characters of the animals were grandious though, and I chuckled every here and there.

Personally, I thought this was a great book, but nothing too special in writing. Furthermore, I am afraid that having seen so many adaptions has kind of killed my joy about the plot, because if I wouldnt have known about Alice in Wonderland before, I would have been able to enjoy this much, much more. Anyway. It was a solid three star book and I have absolutely nothing to complan about.

By the way, there is a second movie coming out, again starring brilliant Helena Bonham Carter and magnificent Johnny Depp. I so love these two, especially when they team up with Tim Burton. I can hardly wait!
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Alice in Wonderland - Tea Party HD

A delightful, one-act play script adapted from the classic Lewis Carroll tale.
Joan Collins

Alice in Wonderland

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If you have any corrections, please let me know! This script is copyright of Disney. This material may not be used for any commercial or for profitable means in any way without permission from the Walt Disney Company. Alice in Wonderland, how do you get to Wonderland? Over the hill or underland, or just behind the tree?

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