Vastu is real or fake

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vastu is real or fake

Maha Vastu by Khushdeep Bansal

Vastushastri Khushdeep Bansal has been actively practicing Vastu for the past 18 years. Through his experience of over 10,000 case studies, involving some of India’s top companies and families he has distilled the concept of MahaVastuTM – a purer, simpler yet more powerful system of Vastu. In this book he helps you learn how to apply MahaVastuTM to your life, to live with more happiness, love and prosperity. How to get this fulfilment and why you are not able to make your dreams come true; these questions lead to a science which we term as MahaVastuTM. MahaVastuTM is both an Art and a Science to achieve a balance between the activities you perform to achieve your goals and the energies of your Space which help you reach those
I read MahaVastu and decided, immediately, to come to India to learn this science”. This is so much at a deeper level and at a scientific level.” Neena Sikka, Health Care Analyst; Maryland, USA “I saw MahaVastu Book at a Book Store in Delhi. Initially I had a glance at it but soon it engrossed my attention. And the next thing I did was to purchase 20 more copies of the book for gifting to my dear ones. As I am reading this book, I am getting great insights about how my house is affecting my life.” Manu Rawal, Celebrity Fashion Designer; Delhi
“The Vastu consultants of our clients used to spoil the whole design developed by us. But in MahaVastu course I learnt, there is no need to shift things; there are alternatives, like painting a Red colour Strip, which prove equally effective.” Prof. Dr. Deepa Maheshwari, M.Arch., Ahmedabad “I got to read MahaVastu. I found it so scientific; I felt connected. It is very much practical and logical. The course is Excellent; I am very happy having done this.”
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Published 19.12.2018

Babu Gogeneni on Vastu

To my surprise, he has re-done the front gate and front door of his house.
Khushdeep Bansal


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Vastu Shastra are the textual part of Vastu Vidya , the latter being the broader knowledge about architecture and design theories from ancient India. - Now a days the infuence of so called Vastushatra is spreading rapidly and is affecting daily life of many people in India.

Sadhguru looks at why Vastu was devised, and relates a hilarious incident to illustrate the lengths it is taken to today. Vastu is essentially a very basic architectural guidance. If you wanted to build a house a thousand years ago, there would have been no architect in the village. So, what guidelines do you use to build the house? In building any structure, the main challenge is always the span of the roof.



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