Celtic daily prayer evening prayer

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celtic daily prayer evening prayer

Celtic Daily Prayer: Prayers and Readings From the Northumbria Community by The Northumbria Community

The Ancient Paths of Northumbria in northeastern England have been trod by generations of men and women who loved God and followed Jesus, bringing faith, hope, and love to vast numbers of people. Today, the Northumbria Community remains a living expression of this monastic, contemplative stream of the faith, and the perennial need to make that faith relevant to the world.

Celtic Daily Prayer is the fruit of the spiritual life of a remarkable community. Its liturgies, prayers, and meditations are drawn from a deep well of spiritual experience that transcends fashion, culture, and denomination. Blending prayer and praise and building upon the ancient wisdom of traditional Celtic Christianity, this prayer book is extraordinarily fresh. At the heart of the life of the Northumbria Community, as well as this book, lies the Daily Office — morning, noon, and evening prayers and a monthly cycle of meditations for individual or communal use each day. With words drawn from sources such as St. Patricks Breastplate, Teresas Bookmark, Columbas Blessing, and the Psalms, this cycle of daily prayers reflects the essential rhythms of life.

With liturgies for communion and other special occasions as well as daffy readings, this prayer book contains two complete years of scripture readings and a calendar of saints days and festivals. The Jewish tradition of family Shabbat, adapted with prayers from the Celtic tradition, also finds its place in this book. A section on rites of passage suggests prayers and rituals for the pivotal times of life: birth, rebirth, marriage, midlife, and bereavement, as well as blessings and graces for all occasions. This traditionally grounded yet surprisingly modern prayer book will enrich the spiritual life of readers for years to come.

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Daily Prayer Short Form

A regular cycle of daily prayers constitutes the essential rhythm of life around which other activities can take their proper place. In this respect the Community follows the rich tradition of monastic communities through the centuries. At the Nether Springs, the mother house of the Community, the Office is said or sung at set times in the chapel; when companions in the Community meet together, saying the Office can be a routine part of the meeting; and individuals and families can use it in their homes as part of daily life. The Office can be said anywhere, but, for Morning and Evening Prayer, it is recommended that a quiet place, as free from interruptions as possible, is chosen. Our lives are usually too full of noise, so this is the ideal moment of the day to experience real silence. Celtic Daily Prayer is also available as an interactive e-book published by HarperCollins and available for a variety of devices. We receive many requests for permission to reproduce parts of our liturgy or other items from Celtic Daily Prayer Books 1 and 2.

Anamchara Fellowship Daily Prayer

It is an important part of the tradition and spiritual life of the Scottish Episcopal Church that prayer is offered throughout the day. Set times of prayer, called the Office, are set aside for this purpose. Clergy are obliged, by reason of the vows they make, to pray at least the Offices of Morning and Evening Prayer and should also offer Compline Night Prayer. Others are invited to join this round of devotion and praise, to strengthen their own spiritual life with God. Each day, the Offices will be available on this page. Morning Prayer is made available from 6am, Evening Prayer after Midday for use later in the afternoon and Night Prayer from 6pm.

Prayer is the foundation of all Religious Life. It is from this basis that our life and ministry flow. Lack of attention to prayer will eventually weaken ministry and cause one to stumble on the journey. Pious humbug is an invention of the devil. Where two or more members of the Fellowship are gathered there shall be some form of common worship.

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