One of my favourite food

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one of my favourite food

My Favorite Food by Tiziana Bendall-Brunello

A cute story, for the most part, with a twist ending, believe it or not. Its about little goose and her mom. I particularly like that aspect as I read it to my grandbaby and my daughter is a teen mom. So I try to find some books where the mom is the main parent figure.

Little goose likes to eat grass. She wonders what the other animals in the barnyard like to eat. Her mom said, Why dont you go and find out? So thats what little goose does. She asks pig, who likes apples, to which little goose tries one and agrees.

She asks goat who likes socks, to which little goose does not agree. This I thought was clever. Getting across the idea to try new things although you may not like them. (Some kids are afraid to try new foods, of course socks may not have been the best example as who wants their child to try socks?) But I thought the sock thing was funny.

She asks cow next, who likes daises. Little goose then asks fox---and here is the twist ending. When goose asks fox what he likes to eat, fox says, YOU! At which point little goose runs home to the safety of her mommy. We then see fox sitting down to eat his real favorite food--strawberries.

As to the ending, I imagine some may not like the idea of fox wanting to eat little goose, even though we do find out its not true. I perceived fox to be an adult animal as it did not say little fox. Some may find the ending a bit shocking, or maybe the fox coming across as a bully for scaring little goose out of her wits. But it reminded me of a little Red Riding Hood type ending (except for fox, in this case, really likes strawberries.) So a point off for the ending as Im still not sure what I think of it, other than fox seeming like an ass to a youngster. Then again, it added a bit of suspense till I turned the page. :)
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My favourite food essay in English

In banana leaf they will put many kind of food like briyani,chicken gravy,with chapati,masala,pickle,curdrice,chicken fry,roti with potato,etc. Thank you guys.
Tiziana Bendall-Brunello

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. Is it grammatical to say "My favorite food is apples"? If not, is there a similar language structure that begins with the words "My favorite food" that I could use to explain this? Perhaps it would be grammatical to say "My favorite foods are apples".

when you say "my favorite food is" it is talking about one type of food for an example "my favorite food is pizza" but when you say "my favorite.
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Jump to navigation. My favorite meal is dinner because I have dinner with my whole family. My mom often cooks delicious foods. I don't like lunch because the temperature in the afternoon is very hot. In my dinner, I often eat chicken and meat. So that why I like dinner!



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  1. Pizza is one of my favourite foods. "One of my favourite foods" would mean you have more then one favourite foods Pizza.

  2. What is the difference between "my favorite food is" and "my favorite foods are " ? | HiNative

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