Head housekeeper on downton abbey

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head housekeeper on downton abbey

Books by Debbie Shore (Author of Half Yard Heaven)

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Downton Abbey Downstairs: The Real-life Partners Revealed - ⭐OSSA

And I think he enjoyed it.
Debbie Shore

Elsie Hughes

Logan was born in Paisley , Renfrewshire , [2] and grew up in nearby Johnstone , [3] where she was educated at Johnstone High School. After graduation, she joined the Dundee Repertory Theatre. She also worked regularly on Scottish television. She was in the radio series Coming Alive and Baggage. Logan married actor Kevin McNally and has a son. The family live in Chiswick.

Robert is immensely proud of Downton as the place he grew up and takes his responsibility for the estate very seriously. Although in some ways his character embodies the traditional values of the aristocracy, Robert does not shun all progress, and he is very protective of and loyal to his family and servants. Despite these virtues, Robert's adherence to tradition lets him down in other ways. He often resists "modern" suggestions for better management of the estate, especially after his daughter Mary joins his son-in-law Tom in running it. His attitudes occasionally clash with that of the more progressive and pragmatic Cora. By the end of the final series, Robert's worsening health forces him to step down from running the estate, leaving the task to Tom and Mary.

Elsie Hughes (called Mrs. Hughes, a courtesy title for all cooks and housekeepers, regardless of marital status) is the head housekeeper of Downton Abbey.
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Clue: Head housekeeper on "Downton Abbey": 2 wds.

Despite 36 years in show business, it seems that actress Phyllis Logan has never quite escaped domestic service. Her first paying role was that of a maid, for which she earned 37 pounds. And here she is again, as the starchy Mrs. After all, Mrs. And a revolutionary thought occurred to her: Why not make Mrs.

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  1. More or less, she runs the entire servant branch of Downton Abbey alongside Thomas Barrow , after he replaced her husband, Charles Carson , as butler.

  2. Elsie May Carson (née Hughes) (b) is the head housekeeper and she is in charge of all You can help Downton Abbey Wiki by expanding it (click Edit).

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