Ancient forms of capital punishment

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ancient forms of capital punishment

Barbaric Methods of Ancient Execution by Shaun Porter

Whether you’re for or against capital punishment, it’s an unavoidable part of human history.

It’s worth remembering that at some point or other, every country in the world has executed its criminals. Many countries have abolished the death penalty, or at least tried to make it as humane as possible; unfortunately for the criminals of the past, some of the methods of execution employed many centuries ago were truly barbaric.

These times were long before the concept of human rights had even been invented, and it showed: the punishers took an almost sadistic pleasure in inflicting the absolute maximum level of punishment possible. The executions were drawn out affairs, and often included a degree of humiliation.

What’s more, the executions became almost like a form of entertainment: despite the almost unimaginable acts of cruelty against another human, vast numbers wanted to attend, and most executions were held publicly.

The Barbaric Methods of Ancient Execution counts down the worst 25 methods of execution used in history. Some are brutally efficient, others just plain twisted and some are just pure theater, designed to create a spectacle to enthrall the ancient crowds!

If you are looking for a gory bedtime read, this might be the book for you!
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15 Worst Forms Of Capital Punishment

Julia Crawford , Updated November 21,
Shaun Porter

10 Horrifying Methods Of Capital Punishment From Around The World

Capital punishment , often referred to as the death penalty , has been used as a method of crime deterrence since the earliest societies. Historical records show that even the most ancient primitive tribes utilized methods of punishing wrongdoers, including taking their lives, to pay for the crimes they committed. Murder most often warrants this ultimate form of punishment. Origins: As tribal societies developed into social classes and humankind created its own self-governed republics, capital punishment became a common response to a variety of crimes, including sexual assault, treason, and various military offenses. Written rules were created to notify the people about the penalties they would face for participating in any of these misdeeds. One of the earliest written documents that supported the death penalty was the Code of Hammurabi, which was written on stone tablets around BC.

This is a list of methods of capital punishment , also known as execution. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikimedia list article. Korea executed 5 security officials, S. Korea says". The History of the Mongol Conquests. University of Pennsylvania Press.

In this form of execution, the condemned person was killed by using a knife to methodically remove portions of the body over an extended period of time. This was civilized torture and execution, though. Recipients of the slow slicing were sometimes given opium as an act of mercy, or to prevent them from fainting. Turns out getting your body lopped off bit by bit with a knife can overwhelm a person. Wheels were constantly turned while he was alive, making the ash whirl about, and the person died by gradual suffocation as he inhaled the ash. In Japan, decapitation was a common punishment, sometimes for minor offences. Samurai were often allowed to decapitate soldiers who had fled from battle, as it was considered cowardly.

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Torture and gruesome execution methods have been around for thousands of years. People would barbarically kill others for the most trivial crimes or for cruel and unusual entertainment. Back in the day, watching someone being tortured to the point of death was like going to see a movie.

By Nicole Beasley. The use of capital punishment is widely debated in today's society, both in the United States and around the globe. It is still a common form of punishment for extreme cases of criminal activity such as mass murder. Some countries have stopped using capital punishment entirely. The United States still uses capital punishment, but not in all states.

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