Poem about insects for kindergarten

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poem about insects for kindergarten

Insectlopedia by Douglas Florian

I am not big on insects but this book was so much fun to read. Many of the poems have rhythm. In The Army Ants poem it sounds like the ants are marching as you read the poem. Other poems are shaped like the insect or what the insect does and have rhythm.In the Inchworm you can almost see the inchworm moving up and down and in The Whirligig Beetles you can see the beetles gliding across water in circles. The illustrations were really well done. I liked them because they were cartoonish and nonthreatening to me unlike real insects are. All the pictures were watercolor and Douglas Florian did them on primed paper bags (per the note at the back of the book).

I think any student could listen to the poems being read to them and feel the rhythm. The poems were relatively easy to read and not a lot of big words so that 2nd graders and up wouldnt have a problem. There were a few made up words like spiderobic (a spider doing aerobics) that students might not understand until they look at the picture and see the spider lifting weights. The poems really let you know about the behaviors and habits of the insects and it would be neat for them to research one of the insects in the book to learn more about them. I think boys would really like this book because of what some of the insects do like hunting for their prey or the destructive behaviors of Weevils.
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Douglas Florian

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They can be creepy and crawly, but like the rest of us, bugs have their place in the world. This page is dedicated to all of those crazy critters of the insect world. We're always adding and updating. Rainy Day Poems. Search this site.

Oh when the bugs come out in spring Oh when the bugs come out in spring I want to be outside watching When the bugs come out in spring I'll see some crawl; I'll see some fly I'll count how many go marching by I'll watch and see how many I know Of the bugs that come out in spring. Cool Bookmark to Print and Color. Gordon's Entomological Informatin sheets on insects. Orkin Information, worksheets, color pages on insects. Some have brains.

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Elementary Resources Links Submit About. Every insect ant, fly, bee Is divided into three: One head, one chest, one stomach part. Some have brains.

Here is a collection of insects theme songs and rhymes for preschool prek and kindergarten lesson plans and curriculum. Insects theme free activity printables Insects activity packs Songs and rhymes main index. Oh, the ants are busy, busy as can be. See them dig and dig and dig. Lots of tunnels, oh, so big. The ants came marching two by two, hurrah!



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