Gods law vs mans law

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gods law vs mans law

Virginia O’Hare Documents God’s Law Vs. Mans Law by Virginia O’Hare

More than four decades ago, Virginia O’Hare had a miraculous visitation from God. He said, “Virginia, in you, I am well pleased. I have chosen you to be my last day prophet. Through you, 10 million souls will be saved.” Virginia thought, “Only 10,000,000 souls?” God answered, “10 x 10 million souls will be saved through you. Everyone in the world will know who you are.” Virginia, then a 42-year-old single mother, raising three children, and working in her successful real estate business, ignored this calling from God. Years later, after the passing of her husband of 45 years, and her two daughters, she wrote her first book, Virginia O’Hare’s Trials, Triumphs, and Vision from God. One year after its publication, tragedy struck her life again. She witnessed her only son, Robert Anthony, being brutally assaulted by three Sheriff’s Deputies in her own home. They had forced their way into the house, without a search warrant, and ignored her sons civil, and Constitutional rights. The nightmare of seeing her son bloody, bruised and in shock, terrified her. Fighting for her son’s life and seeking justice, became her quest, which led to the birth of this book. She vividly details the horrible acts of corruptness, bias, and politics, in the Lake County Judicial System in Tavares, Florida. At age 80, God again revealed Himself to Virginia. He told her to remind the world that His Ten Commandments are forever, and the End of Days are here. Our Founding Fathers birthed Man’s Laws in the U.S. Constitution, based on the Bible and God’s Ten Commandments. Since then, man has failed to create, amend, and enforce laws that conform to Gods laws. The Holy Spirit inspired Virginia’s writing of this biblical journey. From Gods Creation of the world 6000 years ago to the End of Days and beyond, Holy Scriptures document the prophetic message that Jesus Christ is mandatory for mankind’s salvation, and He is coming very soon!
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God's law vs. Man's law

History reveals the ongoing conflict between God's Laws vs man's laws. Because of man's fallen (sinful) nature, we default to living in rebellion against the God.
Virginia O’Hare

God’s Law Vs Man’s Law

We unashamedly take up the cause of preborn children in the name of Jesus Christ; and we employ only biblical principles. To contact us or donate by check: Operation Save America P. Box Dallas, TX Thanks for contacting me concerning your campaign. Abortion is murder. It violates the law of God, our Constitution, and the inalienable right to life enshrined in our Declaration of Independence. Since courts cannot make law, Roe vs.

The character of God is revealed through his moral laws. An important principle in human law is that ignorance of human laws does not present any defense in Court. The rationale of the doctrine is that if ignorance were an excuse, a person charged with criminal offenses or a subject of a civil lawsuit would merely claim that he or she is unaware of the law in question to avoid liability, even if that person really does know what the law in question is. Thus, the law imputes knowledge of all laws to all persons within the jurisdiction no matter how transiently. God too has published His laws in public domain. But what is the purpose of this?

See comments. Hundreds of supporters cheered when a local government official, Kim Davis, was released from jail Tuesday. She smiled and appeared to cry. Davis is a clerk who works in a small-town government office in Kentucky that issues marriage licenses. She has declared that she will not sign licenses for marriages between people of the same gender. Davis has become a celebrity at the center of the debate in the U. She says her religion — she is an Apostolic Christian -- disagrees with same-sex marriage.

Obey Man that Christians are to obey human law except where that human law violates God's Law. Since God tells us to also obey human laws, we should.
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Or take a specific case. Take the case supposed in the quotation just made from Blackstone. Would he have any doubt that he ought to disobey that human government, whatever the consequences to himself? Or suppose human rulers should command him to bear false witness, or tell a lie, would not his conscience at once decide that his duty is to disobey? Or suppose, again, that the government under which he lives, should forbid him to worship God, and command him to worship idols, would not his conscience require him to disregard its prohibition? In like manner, in any case where human law clearly conflicts with the divine law, conscience decides that human law to be null and void.

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