Marvel heroes copied from dc

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marvel heroes copied from dc

Slugfest: Inside the Epic, 50-year Battle between Marvel and DC by Reed Tucker

The most bruising battle in the superhero world isnt between spandex-clad characters; its between the publishers themselves. For more than 50 years, Marvel and DC have been locked in an epic war, tirelessly trading punches and trying to do to each other what Batman regularly does to the Jokers face. Slugfest, the first book to tell the history of this epic rivalry into a single, juicy narrative, is the story of the greatest corporate rivalry never told. It is also an alternate history of the superhero, told through the lens of these two publishers.

Slugfest will combine primary-source reporting with in-depth research to create a more fun Barbarians at the Gate for the comic book industry. Complete with interviews with the major names in the industry, Slugfest reveals the arsenal of schemes the two companies have employed in their attempts to outmaneuver the competition, whether it be stealing ideas, poaching employees, planting spies, ripping off characters or launching price wars. Sometimes the feud has been vicious, at other times, more cordial. But it has never completely disappeared, and it simmers on a low boil to this day.

The competition has spilled over to the even the casual fans, bisecting the world into two opposing tribes. You are either a Marvel or a DC fan, and allegiance is hardly a trivial matter. Perhaps the most telling question one can ask of a superhero fan is, Marvel or DC? The answer often reveals something deeper about personality, and the reason is wrapped up in the history of both companies.

A smart, blow-by-blow narrative of the sometimes-friendly, often bitter rivalry between corporate comic-book behemoths...A wild haymaker for the masses, perhaps, but a knockout read for capes-and-cowls aficionados.―Kirkus

Reed Tucker masterfully dissects the REAL issue dividing us as a nation.―Seth Meyers, host of NBCs Late Night with Seth Meyers

This is a book for Fans. I consider myself a Fan. I love this book. I guess you could say I am a Fan of this book. If you are not a Fan of Things then this is not a book for you. It is a book for me. GIVE ME BACK MY BOOK!―Bobby Moynihan, comedian and former Saturday Night Live cast

Slugfest is the ringside commentator for the clash of the comic book titans. A must-read for all comic fans.―Scott Sigler, author of the #1 New York Times bestselling novel Alive
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All Characters DC Copied From Marvel

Characters Marvel stole from DC and gave a new name

We have always loved superheroes. Back in our childhood, we all wanted to be, or should we say, pretended to be superheroes. In fact, most of us still have. With the evolution of cinema and technology, almost all of our favorite superhero characters have made big and small screen appearances in live-action format. In fact, if we talk about comic books, the two biggest rivals are DC Comics and Marvel Comics who compete with each other incessantly. One of the reasons is that most of the famous superheroes are based on stereotypes which are required to build the expansive universes.

Marvel and DC are the two titans of the comics industry. They've been in the business since the s, and their impressive roster of titles and heroes has naturally led to endless argument about which is better. One of the biggest lynchpins in the argument is which company is more original. In other words, which has ripped off the most from the other. It's a classic battle, like Coke vs Pepsi, and much like the Cola Wars, this comics rivalry has seen both sides dip into each other's ideas.

Throughout the long history of comic books, there have always been two front-running companies: DC and Marvel comics. Comic books have come a long way since their inception, creating bold and impressive worlds, characters, and stories. Without DC or Marvel, the medium wouldn't exist as it does today. In recent years, the superhero stories have even gone mainstream, dazzling long-time and new fans alike. Now, comic books get to share their heritage with the world. Over time, there's no surprise that the two companies end up having similar ideas or even taking notes from certain characters some even publicly, openly on purpose.

Comic books are rife with suspiciously similar characters. Some of them debuted in such quick succession that it's difficult to tell which is the knock-off or if the parallels are just a funny coincidence. Heck, depending on how loosely you define the term "rip-off," you can argue that the entire comic book industry is one long, extremely successful Superman rip-off -- and that Superman himself is a rip-off of various literary heroes, including John Carter of Mars and Hugo Danner.
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Bad news, hardcore Marvel nerds: many of your favorite characters were probably remorselessly stolen from your terrible arch-nemesis. Yes, it's true; DC Comics has been busting out awesome characters since , so they had a five-year lead when Timely Comics, which would eventually become Marvel, launched in , and Marvel's been trying to catch up ever since. - When we read comic books, a lot of times we come across characters that look copied. Though, it has only disappointed the audience.



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  2. In fact, if we talk about comic books, the two biggest rivals are DC Comics and Marvel Comics who compete with each other incessantly.

  3. Unlike most of the characters on this list, we know that Deadpool is a direct copy of Deathstroke.

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