My wife is a miserable cow

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my wife is a miserable cow

How NOT to be a Miserable Cow: A Gypsys Guide to Life, Love and the Pursuit of Happiness. by Alison Capra

Many women find themselves waking up unhappy and miserable almost every single day. Maybe they’ve lost their spark after years in an unfulfilling marriage or maybe the banalities of everyday life have just sucked them dry. They have become miserable cows and they can’t even recognize themselves anymore. If this is you, then this book is going to help you put an end to that misery. How Not to Be a Miserable Cow is a guide to all the women out there that want to pursue love, happiness, and creativity. All the women that want more out of life. ALISON CAPRA is a powerhouse of a woman with several successful businesses behind her. Along with her significant other, she runs a YouTube channel with over 100K followers. This book is the story of how she turned her life around after her fair share of abusive and dysfunctional relationships and created a life that she loves. With her funny and honest writing, Alison Capra is sure to leave you feeling like you have the ability to kill your inner miserable cow and pursue a life of joy, adventure, and creativity.How NOT to be a Miserable Cow - A gypsys guide to life, love and the pursuit of happiness from a clever girl with a big heart, passion for life, and strong convictions. Too often we release bad behavior to personality types or even our upbringing. On my quest for personal growth, I have identified whats making us ugly people, and if we refuse to identify them within ourselves we will become Miserable Cows.
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How NOT to be a Miserable Cow

How having a miserable husband (or wife) is bad for your health

Well, here we are then. We've done it, we females of the species - we've pretty much got it all. Success, love, careers, sexual freedom, babies. We're running countries, for goodness' sake, huge, powerful ones like Germany and Bangladesh and one of us - Hillary Clinton - nearly got to be the most powerful person on Earth. We must be over the moon, dancing all the way to the office and then all the way home again at night. Only - we're not.

Have you ever wondered whether you married the wrong person? People often cite having chosen the wrong person to marry as the reason for their divorce. Is it possible that some people fail at marriage simply because they are with the wrong person? Would you like to determine whether you chose the wrong person to marry? Zig Ziglar, a motivational speaker, made the following comment on this topic:. I'll be the first to admit that it's possible that you did marry the wrong person. However, if you treat the wrong person like the right person, you could well end up having married the right person.

As the founder of the Happy Wives Club, a community of more than , women in over countries around the world, I have the benefit of engaging with hundreds of wives daily about the principals of a happy marriage. In , I traveled to 12 countries on six continents to interview couples happily married 25 years of more for my book Happy Wives Club. What I discovered was the difference between happy couples and miserable ones was often found in their thought process. What they focused on daily became their life. Those whose focus was on all things their spouse did right each day seemed to find more and more things to be grateful for and gratitude, in each and every relationship, was the gateway to happiness and fulfilment.


A miserable wife or gloomy husband won't just get you down — they could also make you ill. A study has shown that having a happy spouse increases a person's own chances of good health. On the flip side, a glum partner could make you unwell. A miserable wife or gloomy husband won't just get you down — they could also make you ill File photo. Researcher Bill Chopik said: 'Even if you're the happiest person, your health can be dragged down by an unhappy spouse.

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