How to talk about salary increase

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how to talk about salary increase

How to Ask for a Raise Quotes by Geoffrey Wright

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Published 06.12.2018

How to Effectively Ask for a Pay Raise - Prof. Jordan Peterson

How to Ask for a Raise

If you believe that you should be paid more for your work and want to do something about it, you have two choices: find a new, higher paying job or ask for raise. Both of these choices can introduce new anxieties, but they are each a gateway to new opportunities. We can certainly help you find a new job. However, when you do ask for a raise, you need to carefully choose your timing. How is the financial health of the company? If the company is not doing well, this is not the time to ask for a raise. You should look for warning signs, such as cutbacks in spending or layoffs.

Some companies address employee compensation in small salary increments—a percent or two every now and then—rather than big jumps.
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How to Prepare

Asking your manager for a raise can be nerve-wracking, so much so, that some people wait for months or even years before asking for a raise they deserve. You should never ask for a raise without preparing for this conversation. Build your Case: Look back to recent projects and periods of time where you went beyond what was expected and provided real value for your company. Always use specific performance data when possible. Just enter your job title, location, years of experience, and a few other pieces of information to get a free, personalized estimate of what the market value of your skill set is. Picking the right time to ask for a raise is just as important for preparing for this discussion.

I asked for a raise for the first time a few years ago. I researched the typical salary for my position, consulted mentors and confidants and Google , listed my accomplishments, practiced my points countless times and stepped out to do a power pose before the scheduled meeting. In an ideal world, your boss would notice your accomplishments and give you a raise. You'd also have nap pods, unlimited meals and snacks and free fitness classes. In the real world, that is rarely the case.

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